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posted by Stacy on Apr 17

Free To A Good Home Puppies

Free Puppies To A Good Home

Do you know what happens to some pets that are posted in “Free To Good Home” ads? Too many times than not after the pet is adopted it is neglected, abandoned, abused, starved and sadly even sold for animal experimentation. Believe it or not this happens thousands of times per day!

People that place free to good homes ads for their pets do not realize the consequences of their innocent intent of finding a new home for their pet. They certainly are thinking that their pet will end up in good hands and have a better life but sadly so many times that is not the case. They are misguided and it could lead their pet into a tragic situation.

Even charging an adoption fee of $50 or more can deter the abusers because people tend not to value things that are free.  A free pet is a disposable pet.

What can you do to help you may ask? Contact the person that is placing the ad and educate them. Let them know that there are no kill shelters and rescues that are willing to take in their pet and find them a good home. Encourage them to charge an adoption fee. You can potentially be saving an animals life!

To learn more about the perils of free to a good home animal ads click here

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