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posted by Stacy on Jul 18

turkey-plant-animal-crueltyEvery living being has been created by God and so; each one has the equal right to enjoy this world. However, some human beings tend to forget this simple truth. They start to think that the whole world belongs to them and they can do whatever they feel like in order to enjoy it.

Edward Eric Gwinn of Crawley is a worker in a West Virginia turkey plant. He was caught on tape slamming a bird’s head onto the ground and stomping another bird’s head. The whole episode was caught on camera by the animal lovers and activists, who are always on the look out for such incidents.

These kinds of incidents are becoming frequent in the modern towns and industrial areas, as people are becoming more and more tensed with their daily lives. The fast life style is turning the human beings into machines devoid of any emotions what-so-ever.

The incident of Gwinn is a burning example in front of our eyes. When Gwinn was produced in the court of the Greenbrier County Circuit Judge James Rowe, he pleaded guilty and promised not to repeat this act again. Gwinn has been sentenced to one year home confinement along with a fine of $1000. The judge has also warned Gwinn that if he is seen repeating the act or any other acts of animal cruelty, then the next time the punishment will be harsher than this time. Gwinn has also been instructed by the judge to stay away from domestic animals for a period of one year.

The people associated with the animal rights movements and members of PETA are very happy with the judgment. According to them, the judge has created a precedent which will be followed by other judges too. They are hopeful that such precedents will help them step up their movement for the restoration of the rights of the animals.

PETA has been carrying out undercover video shooting operation for many months now. There have been many such incidents in the past, where the culprit has got away easily. But this time, thanks to Judge James Rowe and the prosecutors of the Greenbrier County, the culprit has been rewarded with a harsh punishment for his act of cruelty against the animals and birds.

Hopefully people will become more conscious about the rights of the animals and try to follow the phrase “Live and Let Live”, as closely as possible.

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