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posted by Stacy on Mar 20

Stop Animal Cruelty 1 Blog At A Time

I donate this post to all of the wonderful bloggers that have helped our mission of getting the word out about animal cruelty, animal rights and helping all animals worldwide, pets and strays includes.

There are many great bloggers that devote either their whole blog or a post or 2 to helping animals, and I’m sure that I have forgotten a few, so please just add a comment and I’ll make sure I include you. Some of the way people have helped is as simple as a high five, a blog comment or a quick note letting us know they appreciated us being here writing about animal cruelty and the little jokes we throw in to add a smile to your face. Don’t forget you can use the Share This button below each post to either send to a friend or bookmark on a social book mark sites like Digg, or Stumble etc.

First I want to thank the gang at the Bloggeries Blog Forum, without the support of Rob and his followers of pro bloggers and newbies alike I would not have gained the knowledge of blog design, plugins and the like. Our blog review from his site was one of the main things that was instrumental in getting the initial blog link juice flowing to help us get found for keywords like “Stop Animal Cruelty” and the like. The rest of the gang there like Paul and the Educator are always happy to help out a fellow blogger when they get stuck on something or to offer alternative opinions. Besides all that, Bloggeries is a great place for bloggers to hang out and learn new tricks to the trade with WordPress.

Quirky Jessi was one of the first bloggers that was nice enough to introduce our animal cruelty blog to her hundreds of loyal readers just waiting to see what cute and quirky blog topic she was going to write about next. I’m glad she picked!

One of the first people we met on Entrecard has her own blog about living healthy and keeping meat off the table was The Groovy Vegetarian she added us to her blogroll so people could find us easier.

INDogs has a dog blog with many good stories about the rescue and rehabilitation of mans best friend, INdogs by the way are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world.

Pet Rescue Central nominated us for the Excellent Pet Blog Award, thanks Pet Rescuer! keep up the great work spreading information on all animals including adoption and pet rescue.

Therapy Home has some good movies on animal cruelty on their site, I suggest you check out those and the ones on the PETA TV media center.

Another friend of ours in the crusade against cruelty is Catnip Corner and their blog about 3 cats.

Kay’s K9’s and her miniature pet creations blog even awarded us the “You Make My Day” award on her blog. Thanks Kay, your work on miniature wool pets astonishes us!

The Blog Reviewer gave us all thumbs up and helped us get some great backlinks at the same time.

There are many great individual blog articles out there to help remind us just how dear animals are to our heart, like this one from a Beauty Blog Fur, I’d rather be naked. or even from a Cleveland Real Estate Agent on why you should not buy a puppy mill puppy. Their whole blog is not devoted to animal rights but they take the time to support PETA and that’s very nice of them.

One of our best blog reviews was from the Writing Angel where she writes about all sorts  of fascinating topics and decided to do a whole post about Animals Need Help.  She also writes on The Never Ending Writing blog that I’ll be sure to keep my eye on.

Well, it is getting late and I can still think of dozens of other great blogs that I have ran across in the past. I realize now I should have started a drop list of those favorite blogs of mine that have helped make our job a little easier in spreading our love of animals and trying to keep them safe and living cruelty free.

If you are a blogger for animal cruelty please let us know…

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