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posted by Stacy on Nov 21

Many people have strong view points about PETA and I too believe they can be very extreme about things at times. However, if it was not for them we would not know about some of the terrible animal cruelty that is happening in our world today. They have battled corporate giants and have stopped them from funding animal experiments and supporting animal cruelty! PETA has won the battle with these companies and was the voice for billions of innocent animals.  Some of these companies are Coca Cola, Pepsi, JCPenny, United Airlines, College Universities and the list goes on!
A new alert that they have brought to public attention is the atrocities happening to animals at the University of Utah. Please read their story below and then click PETA’s link to petition against the University. You can be the voice of animals and help!

For more than eight months in 2009, a PETA investigator worked undercover inside the laboratories of the University of Utah (UU) in Salt Lake City and documented miserable conditions for and terrible suffering of the dogs, cats, monkeys, rats, mice, rabbits, frogs, cows, pigs, and sheep confined there.

Our investigator learned that homeless dogs and cats—obtained for a few dollars from area animal shelters through an archaic Utah state “pound-seizure” law, which requires government-funded shelters to turn animals over to laboratories that request them—were used in invasive, painful experiments and killed.

A pregnant cat pulled out of the Davis County animal shelter gave birth to eight kittens the very day she arrived at UU’s laboratories. When the kittens were just 7 days old, a chemical was injected into their brains to cause fluid to build up. After the surgery, the distressed cat—who showed great affection for her kittens before they were taken for the experiment—stopped nursing her babies, and they all died.

In other experiments, a cat named Robert, who was also bought from the Davis County animal shelter, had a hole drilled into his skull and electrodes attached to his brain, and dogs bought from a local shelter had their necks cut open so that medical devices could be implanted inside.

Undercover Investigation Reveals Cruelty and Neglect in Utah Lab

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Mice and rats were given enormous tumors and painful, deadly illnesses. Rats had holes drilled into their skulls for invasive brain experiments. Monkeys were kept constantly thirsty so that they would cooperate in experiments for a sip of water. Sick and injured animals were denied veterinary care and left to languish and die.

Incompetence, indifference, and neglect forced many of the animals to endure severe trauma, prolonged suffering, and agonizingly slow and grisly deaths. These are only a few of the widespread instances of cruelty that PETA’s investigator observed at UU.

Please be a voice for the animals suffering at the University of Utah. Urge the university to stop the experiments on homeless and unwanted animals, who depend on shelters for care and safety, immediately. Also, please call on administrators to release to the public complete records on all the animal-based experiments funded by tax dollars, including grant proposals, experimental protocols, veterinary records, and minutes of oversight committee meetings. Visit for more information and how you can help.

Help Animals at the University of Utah Now!

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