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posted by Stacy on Jun 21

Animal cruelty is common everywhere, even in places where it’s prohibited. Although there may be laws on animal cruelty, its not highly implemented. Thus every year, there are several animals, including pets like cats and dogs, and wild animals, that are maltreated.

Animal cruelty can come in various forms. You could have observed someone physically hurting an animal. Animal cruelty can also be in the form of malnutrition when animal owners don’t feed their pets properly. Generally, what causes injury and suffering to an animal can be considered animal cruelty.

One way of fighting animal abuse is to report it as soon as it is spotted. Here are some things you can do to prevent animal cruelty.

Be Aware

Keep your eyes and ears open. Your local humane society or animal shelter wouldn’t know several instances of animal abuse without those concerned citizens who report cruelty in their neighborhood through phone calls. So, do your part and be on the look out for animals in your own neighborhood. This could be a possible indicator of neglect or abuse.

Learn to Distinguish Animal Cruelty

Signs and Symptoms – There are signs and symptoms observed in most abused animals. Watch out for wounds on the body, patches of missing hair, extremely thin and starving animals, limping and tick or flea infestations. An owner who is physically abusing an animal is abusive. Dogs left chained in the yard and without access to food and water is a neglectful act. Animals hit by a car and not taken to a veterinarian is also a neglectful act. These are all forms of animal cruelty.

Report Animal Cruelty

Know who to call when reporting animal cruelty. There are some states that have Humane Law Enforcement officers who can investigate and arrest perpetrators of animal cruelty. In some towns, you may have to call the police department or local animal control. Know who to call. Also, when reporting an incident, make sure that you provide as much information possible. The details will mean a lot to the investigating officer. Try writing down the type of cruelty you witnessed, who was involved, the date of the incident, and where it happened.

Do Some Proactive Steps to Fight Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty is a crime. Write or call your local law enforcement departments and tell them that investigating animal cruelty should be a main concern. Fight for the passage of strong anti-cruelty laws on federal, state or local levels. Have signature petitions. Write letters to legislators. Stronger laws mean tougher penalties, and punishment for animal cruelty should be harsher! Support your local animal rescue organization or local shelter. Volunteer at animal shelters and rescue groups in your area.

Lastly, set a good example for others. You can prevent animal cruelty and it starts within you. If you are a pet owner, make sure that you always show your pets the love and care that they ought to have. Always provide food, fresh water, shelter and medical treatment if your pet is sick. Have your animals spayed or neutered. Be a responsible pet owner. And to top it off, a lot of hugs and kisses won’t hurt!

Save the animals and stop animal cruelty. Learn more how you can prevent animal cruelty in your neighborhood.

26 Comments to “Easy Ways That You Can Help Prevent Animal Cruelty”

  1. Tiadora Anderson Says:

    Great informative web site.

  2. animal lover Says:

    Why do people even get a pet if they can’t take of it?? Animals are such a great joy!

  3. Unknown Says:

    its crazy and heartbreakng. people dont own this earth we are animals to and other animals deserve to live and grow like us. i pray that animal cruelty will stop in the next 3 years (at least)

  4. Tania Says:

    I agree with this website. Dog fighting should be against the law everywhere through-out the world! More than 100,000 animals are slaughtered in a year. People should help these animals and save their lives!!

  5. sockyee Says:

    I have another point to add here:
    Education plays an important role as well. Kids should be taught to love and treat every living creature (not only dogs) with responsibility. I believe by using this approach, it is more effective to prevent animal cruelty.

  6. Lynette Says:

    We see this way too often in our industry, unfortunately. Neglect is one of the cruelest things to see

  7. MelissaH Says:

    great site, I like the fact that someone is doing something about the problem. I see a lot of stray cats where I live and we feed them but, it’s really expensive to get them all spade or nudered so we have taken up a collection here at the drug rehab where I work so that we can al least get the population under control.

  8. All My Pet Supplies Says:

    It is horrible what people can do to animals. We all need to get together and stop animal abuse. Great article and I will share it with others. Animals don’t deserve to be treated bad.

  9. Chris Says:

    I’m surprised you didnt say donate money. That’s something I always do when I don’t have time available.

    Steve the expert

  10. Alexis Ciara Says:

    animal cruelty deffinately needs to be stopped. We should all come together and have a big campaign to stop animal cruelty. Maybe then people would get the point.

  11. petaboy Says:

    great site with avery informative post. after reading this post i feel that we all should get together and stop cruelty all around the world. by this we can help lot of innocent animals being treated ruelly. now its in our hand to stop cruelty. i would like to share this article with all. very informative. thanks for sharing.

  12. Muskrat Traps Says:

    That is a very sad article.

  13. Bob Says:

    Donating money to a great charity is a way I usually help out! You just have to make sure the charity is a good one.

  14. Veteriner Says:

    We see this way too often in our industry, unfortunately. Neglect is one of the cruelest things to see

  15. jm Says:

    i think this is very informative to people who want to help animals because there is a lot of animal cruelty around we just don’t see it

  16. trish Says:

    Animal abuse is such a terrible thing! What I don’t get is why do people get pets if all they end up doing is abusing them or abandoning them? It just doesn’t even make any sense at all, and it angers me to my core! Animals bring such joy into people’s lives!! They deserve good lives! Thanks for the very informative article.

  17. RescueVolunteer Says:

    You can report cruelty but don’t always expect action. A person in my neighborhood has always owned dogs that shed. He treats them well with food and shelter, etc. Then he purchased a non-shedding dog and for three years has not had her groomed. I reported him, the police investigating said “he cuts off the hair mats under the dog’s legs so he isn’t suffering. Case closed.” This poor animal, and if you noticed, the police didn’t even know the sex of the dog, is covered with filthy mats all over her back, face, and legs. She IS suffering. Her skin must be a mess. I see her everyday and there’s nothing I can do. What do you do once you’ve reported cruelty and the “proper organizations” do nothing?

  18. stopcrueltyyoung Says:

    I may still be a young 11 years old, but I don’t get it. Why should animals be abused and beaten? You would not get away with doing this to people. Why are animals any different? I want to do everything I can do, but that’s not much. I just hope some adults feel the same way and can do whatever the kids like me can’t. This website informs alot of people and I sincerley hope it reaches alot of people. Maybe we can try to stop Animal Cruelty. But even if all forms were against the law, I do not have much hope in the plan.

  19. katie Says:

    I think that animal abusion (specifically dogs) is won of the worst things mankind could possibly be capable of doing!!!! :-( I just wish all these animal abusers could realize that they are hurting/killing one of GODS most wonderful creations.I mean really,how can it be fun to hurt/kill an innescent creature that is totally defenseless? How would they feel if they went through all that they put their animal through? I don’t think it’s right for us animal lovers to hate them because these people probably don’t have feelings.I think we should pity them and pray for them.Hating them or wanting to kill people like them make us just as bad as them. Now if you think that I am on their side,you are wrong.There are times when I hate them because I heard how someone hurt an animal or something,but I try to calm my feelings of anger because I know that that will get me no where. I just wish there was away we could make those heartless people realize that what they are doing is very very wrong!!!!

  20. Animal Abuse Says:

    Im glad you mentioned the step be aware! Many people ignore animal cruelty. However, a wandering dog is a element of animal cruelty. If you see a run a way dog, make sure that is well mannered and free of diseases. If possible try to read the dogtag if there is one. Call your local humane society or animal shelter and see if you can track down the owner. Don’t just let the dog wander, it will be even more dangerous for the dog.

  21. aylah Says:

    We are all animals. Just because some of us cannot talk does not mean we cannot feel pain. We are all equal, we all know when we are taken care of and when we are loved. I send so much love in my thoughts to those who care, those that have a heart. I can only hope there are more people out there that think the same. With such great passion for change, this can be stopped! xx

  22. LoLo Says:

    animal cruelty has too be stopped.

  23. David Says:

    I really appreciate your comments on your blog topic of “Easy Ways to Prevent Animal Cruelty.” I agree that this problem is common everywhere, even if it is prohibited. You make a very good point that animal cruelty can come in various forms, from physically hurting the animal, to even malnutrition when the owner fails to feed the animal properly.

    I believe what you have written here is a step in the right direction to trying to prevent this horrible event. We need the word to be spread about animal cruelty and people need to take note of it. Most importantly, we animal lovers need to educate others. We must educate people of what animal cruelty is, what it can consist of, and different ways people can help prevent the mistreatment of animals.

    After reading your tips, I can directly relate to your message you are trying to convey. As a college senior in an Entrepreneurial Marketing class, we pick an organization and raise money during the entire semester. My group and I are supporting the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) since we attend school at Temple University. Aside from different fundraising events, we volunteer at the shelter. Any attention the animals can get after what they have been though can only help them feel loved. We are also part of different events like the Mutt Strutt, where we volunteer our time walking dogs at a local park in Philadelphia. Not only are we promoting a healthy life for dogs, we are educating and spreading the key message that animal cruelty is NEVER ok.

    I do as much as I can to spread the word, as well as show it through my actions. I recently adopted two kittens that had been kicked out of the house by their owners. A person that thinks it is acceptable to release any animal from their care and abandon them does not have morals. At first the little kittens were scared from being in a new environment. However, after playing with them, showing them attention, and showing them love, they are the most personable animals I have ever owned! I am happy I could help save these two kittens.

    After reflecting on your article, we must spread the word and educate people. We must educate any pet owner and even children at a young age so they learn. Overall, I appreciate your effort to educate and want you to know you have one more educator with you today. I hope we can continue to spread awareness because they won’t make it without us!

  24. Selena G. Says:

    i think animal abuse is wrong!

  25. Sara Davey Says:

    This is a great post. I agree that people should be made more aware of what animal abuse looks like so we can work towards putting a stop to it. It is important that people understand that when a dog or a cat is found wandering the streets on their own there is always an authority you can call. Whether to alert them or the animal, or to get help on how to help the animal or take it somewhere, it’s really important. When I helped out at my local vet surgery, I witnessed the slow healing of a cat who had been hit by a car and left in the road. She had a large chunk of exposed flesh for months which the vets worked hard to seal back up. Unfortunately she was put to sleep when there was nothing left to do for her. Perhaps if she had been given medical attention earlier she could have been saved.
    The act of inflicting violence or neglect on an animal is a terrible act of animal cruelty, but choosing to ignore the abuse, too, is an act of animal cruelty.

  26. Alex Says:

    Animal cruelty needs to be stopped. If you see someone abusing an animal say something or report them, don’t just let them get away wit it.

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