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posted by Stacy on Jul 18

turkey-plant-animal-crueltyEvery living being has been created by God and so; each one has the equal right to enjoy this world. However, some human beings tend to forget this simple truth. They start to think that the whole world belongs to them and they can do whatever they feel like in order to enjoy it.

Edward Eric Gwinn of Crawley is a worker in a West Virginia turkey plant. He was caught on tape slamming a bird’s head onto the ground and stomping another bird’s head. The whole episode was caught on camera by the animal lovers and activists, who are always on the look out for such incidents.

These kinds of incidents are becoming frequent in the modern towns and industrial areas, as people are becoming more and more tensed with their daily lives. The fast life style is turning the human beings into machines devoid of any emotions what-so-ever.

The incident of Gwinn is a burning example in front of our eyes. When Gwinn was produced in the court of the Greenbrier County Circuit Judge James Rowe, he pleaded guilty and promised not to repeat this act again. Gwinn has been sentenced to one year home confinement along with a fine of $1000. The judge has also warned Gwinn that if he is seen repeating the act or any other acts of animal cruelty, then the next time the punishment will be harsher than this time. Gwinn has also been instructed by the judge to stay away from domestic animals for a period of one year.

The people associated with the animal rights movements and members of PETA are very happy with the judgment. According to them, the judge has created a precedent which will be followed by other judges too. They are hopeful that such precedents will help them step up their movement for the restoration of the rights of the animals.

PETA has been carrying out undercover video shooting operation for many months now. There have been many such incidents in the past, where the culprit has got away easily. But this time, thanks to Judge James Rowe and the prosecutors of the Greenbrier County, the culprit has been rewarded with a harsh punishment for his act of cruelty against the animals and birds.

Hopefully people will become more conscious about the rights of the animals and try to follow the phrase “Live and Let Live”, as closely as possible.

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19 Comments to “Plant Worker Sentenced For Animal Cruelty In West Virginia”

  1. Pet Beds Says:

    Unfortunately not all countries have this kind of law.. they kill and others eat any kind of animals.. but this is a good news for those fight against animal cruelty..

  2. Betty Says:

    Touching site-thank you-Betty

  3. jafeth Says:

    I heard some bad stuff about PETA, and i don´t knwo if is true or not. o you have any infomations about it?

  4. petaboy Says:

    well this is great job done by judges. i wish all the animal abuser be punished in the same way or in even more harsher way. this would be an intimation to all the animal abuser to stop animal cruelty. i m happy with the acvtive step taken towards the animal abuser – gwin. wonerful job.

  5. Rick Mayatt Says:

    I cannot believe many humans have the ability to mistreat animals. I am a hunter myself but have the utmost respect for all animals. I cannot stand to see them suffer. God gave us dominion over animals and I believe he gave them to us to eat thus survive but God also intended for us to respect his creations. How can anyone not have empathy for animals. Domesticated animals depend on humans for their comfort and survival even if they are destined to be slaughtered. In fact animals that feed us should have the greatest respect for their short lives. Anyone who mistreats animals are as low as a rapist or murderer. I pray for animals and their proper treatment.

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  7. Ben Says:

    I very much agree with the other comments animals need to be respected. I find it gross when people seem to get there kicks by abusing animals. Ithink this guy got off too easy. he should have been sent to a state prision to suffer for a while.

  8. Bob Says:

    Capital punishment for animal abusers. If you kick your dog. Then you should be kicked by someone 20 times your size. How can you honestly pick on an animal or hurt them! geez!

  9. Me Says:

    I’m glad he got that, but I still think he got off to easy. It’s not fair… if it where to be a human then he would have gotten a 25 – life sentence or the death penalty. People need to treat animals with a greater respect.

  10. Dave Says:

    It sickens me that some people can actually be cruel to animals! Firstly, it’s just plain wrong, cruel and unfair! I agree with Bob! When they are so much larger, and i see it like a grade 12 school student fighting a grade 1 school student… hmm I bet that would not go down to well for the grade 12 student and there shouldn’t be a difference with this.

    Secondly, Law should stand forward and get more serious! You do serious harm to an animal than suffer the server consequences that should be imprisonment.

    My 2 cents! Thanks for listening.

  11. What Dogs Like Says:

    This really hurts my heart to read. Why are people so cruel? The turkey has just as much right to live as we do. There should definatly be harsher action taken on these people who abuse animals. Its like abusing a baby or someone half the size of us. Horrible.

  12. casity Says:


  13. Trinity Says:

    I also agree that animals need to be respected just like humans. I wonder why some people enjoy abusing animals. They are so mean!

  14. tropical fish tanks Says:

    Yea it is really sad that they threat animals this way. And the hundreds of those chickens stuck in really small spaces its sad.

  15. Bobby Says:

    I am glad that Gwinn got that punishment, but he should have gotten worse. What he did was wrong. He should be put in jail as soon as the judge found out. Next time he will think twice about it hopefully. Hopefully all animal cruetly will quit. Then the world can be alittle bit more peacefull.

  16. Animal Abuse Says:

    Rick, I feel your pain. I will never understand why people abuse or neglect animals. I feel horrible if I leave my dog alone for more than five hours. I understand that we as humans have to eat meat to survive. (unless you are a vegetarian) However, it does not mean we should kill dogs and cats for no reason at all!

  17. kate Says:

    I think the Gwinn man got what he had coming…But i can tell you all…If you ever see an animal that is being abused or starved..Just call the Animal control and police.Do NOT get involved any further.Even then you can not be sure that it will be looked can check back in a little while and see if something has been done but still Do NOT EVER take the animal in and try to help it …The Animal control and police will come after you ..You are the one that gets in trouble for trying to help…I know some people that this happend to they were just trying to help some animals that had been beat and starved.THEY Got aLL th B.S as if they done it themselves Even with vet papers and witnesses..Don’t get me wrong I love animals But the problems you get when you try to help just ARE NOT worth it ….THANK YOU:

  18. Tam Says:

    I cannot begin to tell you how sad and depressing hearing news/incidents like this makes me feel. Why do people do this type of stuff ???

  19. vc Says:

    I read the comments here in and cry. Indeed, daily we hear wonderful things about our 4-legged heroes. They cheer our lives as well as so many other peoples lives. People in the streets, young and old. They are truly amazing creatures and when people are nasty towards them it breaks my heart and my spirits. Just this morning, thinking about 9/11 became too much so I decided to go the market and get some fresh apples. I thought of going to Lewis Orchard in darnestown, Maryland because I have previously seen animals there and thought they were kind to our 4-legged friends. While shopping for apples, my puppy (14 weeks old) had an accident on the concrete floor -this is at a farm. I immediately began to clean up after him, he was scared and so sad by what happened. It was purely an accident as he is trained to go outside. I asked the folks for some paper towel and then asked for some detergent. They were all looking at me in a mean way except for one young girl who said they would be bringing some bleach. by now the floor was clean. This lady came and I went to her, apologized and asked if I could clean up. Her immediate response and reaction was to yell at me and ask to leave the store. I was at a loss of words and told her that the farm allowed dogs and that I was sorry. I cannot describe how mean she got. She told me that she would make sure that no dogs would ever be allowed inside the open store market. Oh my god, this was an accident and certainly not a reason to punish all 4-legged animals. I feel horrible and can’t stop thinking about how mean people are and on 9/11!!!! Really! We have no compassion in our hearts. Sad day indeed.

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