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posted by Stacy on Oct 9

Dog from a puppymill - parker 

Best Friends is a rescue organization dedicated to helping animals that are from mills, unwanted, abused, etc.  About a month or so ago Whispering Oaks Kennels in West Virginia surrendered close to 1000 dogs, mostly dachshunds and Best Friends came to the rescue.  Please read this post to learn about why we should never buy from animals from pet stores, online, and most breeders.  Please do not support mills (which means pet stores, most people do not know that) and adopt!

Parker is one in a thousand—literally. Our little brown Dachshund was one of nearly that many dogs and puppies surrendered by Whispering Oaks Kennel in Parkersburg, West Virginia last week. Until he was rescued, Parker lived in a rabbit hutch with three other dogs; it’s likely he never left that cage. Ever.

Until last week Parker’s sole purpose in life, his reason for being worthy of food every day in his owner’s eyes, was to make puppies. Whispering Oaks sold thousands of puppies online over the years, getting from $300 to over $700 per puppy. Customers had no idea that all the dogs lived in barns and rabbit hutches, because they were never allowed to see where the adult breeding dogs lived. And they couldn’t have known that their puppies may have had a dad like Parker.

I first met Parker last Sunday, when I was on a team of three whose job it was to go cage by cage and put an ID band on each and every dog. My volunteer partner Travis called the ID bands “the ticket out of here.” He and I went along methodically along with Deputy Shanna Modesitt to make sure we had tagged every dog in every cage, and then teams came along behind us and loaded the dogs in crates so they could be taken to the staging area where an army of rescue workers and volunteers waited. Parker was in a free-standing rabbit hutch-type cage outside. All the cages looked like they’d been slapped together with whatever scrap material the breeder could find. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to live in that cage every single day, with nowhere to get out of the sweltering heat, and nothing but a plywood box with no bedding to curl up in during the freezing winter.

Heavy welding gloves protected my hands, just in case we encountered a biting dog. I remember that Parker’s cage was especially tricky because the only way to access it was to lower a large wooden door, leaving a good two-foot hole for dogs to pop out of if they wanted to escape. Travis had the ID bands ready, and Deputy Modesitt was on the other side of the cage, shooing the dogs our way so we could reach them. All the dogs in the cages around us barked furiously at us—I don’t know that they’d ever seen so much action in their lives! I was able to hold one, then the next miniature Dachshund in the cage for Travis to put ID bands on them. And then from the other side of the cage Deputy Modesitt shouted over the barking, “DO NOT let this one bite you; he’s got horrible teeth!” I shouted back “okay!” and opened the wooden door one more time as a scruffy brown Dachshund with huge, snaggly brown and white teeth came zipping to our side of the cage, urged by Deputy Modesitt. He allowed me to pick him up without a fuss, Travis secured his ID collar around his neck, and we let him go back in the only cage he’d ever known.

Later, we found him at the staging area where he had been kept with his cage-mates. He’d likely need extensive dental care, and what better “poster dog” for the all-too common dental neglect found in puppy mill dogs? So he was one of the first dogs we directed Michelle to as she went around to select dogs to come back to Best Friends.

Before we loaded him into a travel crate on our van to come home to Utah, the only experience I’d had with Parker was taking him out of his cage at the puppy mill. But his personality soon presented itself—and what a personality he has! We stopped every few hours to get the dogs out of their cages, since we’d had to really pack them in to fit everyone in the van. My biggest fear was that we’d lose a dog, considering that they’d never ever been walked on a leash before, and probably hadn’t ever walked on the ground before. But little Parker handled it like a pro. He got so excited when we came to his travel crate, he’d SMILE with that crazy mug! Many dogs smile when they’re excited, wrinkling their noses and showing their teeth in a big grin. On Parker, that smile was quite a sight to behold. But what a great little guy.

Soon he was walking on the leash pretty well, sniffing the grass, and going potty outside like a good boy.

After nearly forty hours on the road, we finally arrived at the sanctuary where everyone got to meet Parker for the first time. I can’t wait to watch him blossom here with the care and love that he has deserved, but has been denied until now.

For more information about Best Friends Animal Society please visit their website,

Please educate people on the terrible attrocities that happen at puppy mills. We can stop this by not purchasing dogs but adopting instead. Please remember that for every dog that is purchased one dies in a shelter.

36 Comments to “Puppy Mill Dogs, Learn What Buying a Puppy Does to Dogs”

  1. Gandlaf and Grayson Says:

    Hi Parker! We are so happy that you are all out of that horrible place. We hope you all find wonderful Forever Homes very soon!

  2. Tatum Tot Says:

    Ooo that is awful that Parker came from such a place. :( I came from a hoarder.. and I love my new home. I’m glad Parker found a good new home!

  3. JCE Says:

    My little doxie came from Flawed Paws – a rescue group. She was a breeders dog (or so I was told) and based on some of the behavior issues I have had, it is likely that she never left her kennel/cage. She has been with me for almost a year and a half and it took me almost 4 months to get her to trust me, another 6 months to get her to go potty outside and it has taken until now to get to her be consistent about it. Flawed Paws was having a difficult time getting her adopted because she tended to shake and did not like men. She rarely shakes anymore and is as attached to me as my children. Maybe more. She is also spoiled rotten!

    Living in Missouri, I am well aware of the problems with puppy mills and am only too happy to have my little LuLu in my home and out of that system. Thank you for sharing this information and keep up the great work. Hopefully someday this activity (along with quite a few others) will be eradicated and future generations will find it hard to believe we ever had to fight to have common sense used regarding animals.

  4. Eugene Says:

    I am looking for some idea and stumble upon your posting :) decide to wish you Thanks. Eugene

  5. home zookeeper Says:

    OH my goodness that smile is something else isn’t it? I cannot imagine the scene and it’s wonderful that such a place is such down. I wish they were all shut down.

  6. Momof2 Says:

    I met a couple last night who adoped a little unwanted dog from “Flawedpaws” , they said the dog wouldnt breed so it would be put to sleep. We have one rescue dog now (she is my best friend ). I cant but love the picture of this dog .
    Hopefully we can adopt another dog soon- God Bless for all your work

  7. the three dog blogger Says:

    That is so upsetting. How can people treat animals so badly. It is over a year since we got our dog Daisy from a rescue pound where they are well treated and she is only now becoming a confident dog. How messed up must it make thes poor dogs when they are treated so badly.
    Penalties should be much harsher for such treatment. I am glad I found your site. Sometimes you need to know things even if it makes you sad.

  8. » Blog Archive » Use DoFollow Links to Market your Site Says:

    […] posts Puppy Mill Dogs, Learn What Buying a Puppy Does to Dogs Where Did Your Meat Come From? Dogs In Danger – Please Read – Save Dogs Lives Chained Dogs Are Sad […]

  9. Becky Toney Says:

    I am thrilled that Parker is getting help now! I’m sure his smile now is truly a happy smile! He most likely feels like he’s in heaven on earth now! Yes, we rescued all the dogs we’ve had for 10 years, and we wouldn’t ever even consider a breeder dog or one from the shop at the mall, and I hope you won’t either! Hugs to Parker!

  10. Maureen Says:

    I’m so glad you were able to get Parker out of there. It’s good to get the awareness out there so more people understand puppy mills and where these dogs are sold. I believe the Humane Society recently had a campaign exposing Petland. Most folks don’t realize those are puppy mill puppies and what that really means.

  11. Potty Training Puppies Says:

    What a sad situation. It was great that you were able to rescue Parker. I hope he is able to find a great home. Thanks for sharing that sad yet eye opening story.

  12. The Viewspaper - Adoption Says:

    Glad that parker has got rescued. Legal action should be taken against these people who treat dogs so badly.

  13. Katlin Says:

    I knew that people were greedy and had a lack of concern for animals but i had no idea that it went to an extent of keeping animals in chicken coops. I find this terrible and that people should be ashamed of themselves for treating their dog in the manner. I am glad that you were able to save a dog and hope others get the same opportunities.

  14. Bart, Yorkie Lover Says:

    Puppy Mills always scare me. These are always sad situations. However, if nobody bought dogs then they would have no invested interest in them. There is a value that people put on animals. Cats, dogs, goats, horses, chickens, etc.
    if that wasn’t so, veterinarians would be out of business hundreds of years ago. Buy buying from good honest caring breeders we send the best message of all to those neglectful breeders.

    I bought my Yorkie’s, they are from fine stock. AKC registered, fine pedigree pups. Are you suggesting that because I bought my dogs from proper breeders that (yes I went and saw the moms & dads etc.) I am in some way killing other dogs?

    Maybe I just should have lived dog less and spent my money on new car or better TV.

    I believe that it’s with our dollars that we vote that our voice is heard. Yes stop buying puppies from puppy mills. Buy them form the best breeders. Even rescue centers charge money… they have to pay for the valuable health care they give to the dogs.

  15. Bitter Apple Says:

    That story breaks my heart. But his story is one of thousands. I wonder when people will finally get it and not buy from these puppy mills.

  16. coal mine training Says:

    This is an excellent article about saving animals from the horrors of puppy mills.

  17. Bret Says:

    I hope that more and more people will be aware of how other people can be cruel to pets and take a proactive action towards the abused animals by adopting them. Personally, I already have a number of dogs, some are mongrels but not all. I love them all. I could not bear thinking that somebody will hurt them.

  18. Bret Says:

    Thanks that he’s been rescued! But wonder how many dogs are still out there not taken care of, abused, homeless or not being fed. It’s good that there are still organizations caring for animal welfare.

  19. shelly wagar Says:

    These places are horrible

  20. karen hayes Says:

    I work in a drug rehab and it almost seems like there are parallels between the cruelty people show toward dogs and the cruelty drug dealers show toward people. For every abused dog, there is someone addicted to drugs because someone just didn’t care about the harm they do. Both are tragic.

  21. Dog Pictures Says:

    These places really wind me up

  22. Lillya Says:

    Wonderful post, nice writing.
    I hope Parker’s doing well! What a cute face, with those teeth.
    I hope puppy mills will be illegal and closed everywhere.

  23. potty training puppies Says:

    I go with you that animals need human help to be more in everything. We can take lots of benefits. We can even share happiness with animals when we can treat them gently and appropriately. Thanks

  24. doggy-whisperer Says:

    what a good web site …………how did the people treat the dog like this like ………housebreak dogs………………

  25. husky training Says:

    thats pretty interesting lol. thanks for the info. -rick

  26. Misty Says:

    any updates ??

  27. Ingrid Says:

    Teary eyes as I read this article. Thank god for people and groups like this to help animals. Know there are organizations like yours doing such good things help to reduce the helplessness I feel when i see or hear about this cruelty. God Bless You

  28. Matthew Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you got Parker out of that terrible place. It really is so sad that there are animals out there that are treated so cruely! I’m glad that you wrote this and are trying to increase the awareness of the issues with puppy mills.

  29. dog kennel plans Says:

    Poor Parker… that is so sad!

  30. Brenda Says:

    it really makes me sick to hear how people can be so inhumane and heartless and abuse animals. They have no right and whenever i see or hear about not only regular people, but cops and soldiers, beating, shooting, and killing animals for their fur, etc. I really wish they would have a law giving the right for animal lovers and those who care for animals to do the same to all those animal abusers and beat them and do all the same things they did to those poor creatures.Give them all a warning so they know what’s coming for them if they keep abusing animals. I deeply thank all of you who care about the animals and try to save them and give them a chance at a better life. God bless people like you, and hopefully in the future there won’t be such thing as animal abuse.

  31. seth kille Says:

    this is so wrong, people need to think how they would feel if this was done to them. we all need to keep in mind that animals they can feel pain as well as love. this is why i could not ever think that someone could do this to mine,

  32. Ginerva Says:

    Poor Parker! I have a doxie that is a rescue dog. He has a heart problem and is currently being treated for cushing’s disease. On top of that, he once in a while suffers seizures. He’s about 12 or 13, but has the energy and personality of a 2 year old. It’s great to hear that you rescue animals. My best friend, Olivia and I raised $114 for the MSPCA and we are planning on leading a rally to stop pittbull fights. Thank you to all the people who save the animals!!

  33. casper22331 Says:

    what i hate is that people don’t take responsibility about any thing . i can’t stand to watch people abuse animals . God Bless You for caring .

  34. Labrador Puppy Says:

    This is horrible I hate when people disown or dont take car of their pets. They have feeling just like us and want to be loves.. Animal cruelty needs to stop immediately.

  35. heartgard for dogs Says:

    May God bless Parker and forgive those who have abused him. Glad that now Parker has a new sanctuary with people loving him.

  36. i♥shihtzus! Says:

    Sooo sad :( i have a shih tzu puppy that is sooo cute! Love her!♥♫♫
    btw, u can get dogs from trusted breeders, where i got belle. but its better to adopt then buy

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