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posted by Stacy on Jun 29

Dogs In Danger – Please Read – Save Dogs Lives

Save A Dogs Life

Hey Everyone!

I came across this website that I feel extremely necessary to share with everyone. It is called Dogs In Danger, . This site is all about the last chance to save a dogs life before they are euthanized in a shelter. It is very sad but very real, it actually shows you the number of days the dog has before it is put to sleep. It looks like there are few shelters that participate in this program when in actuality thousands of shelters are euthanizing tens of thousands of animals on a daily basis.

I commend the founders of this site and admire their commitment to truley putting forth the maximum effort of saving dogs’ lives!

So please, please forward this site to everyone you know! Please educate people on shelter adoptions vs. pet store purchases! You can be a voice for these poor dogs and animals, please help save them!

Thanks so much for reading!!

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  1. Vote for this article at Says:

    Dogs In Danger – Please Read – Save Dogs Lives

    I came across this website that I feel extremely necassary to share with everyone. It is called Dogs In Danger, . This site is all about the last chance to save a dogs life before they are euthanized in a shelter.

  2. chris Says:

    Yes, this is a wonderful site. My Rosie was saved just hours before she was to be euthanized. I can’t imagine my life without her in it now, and it’s sad to think she wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for Lil Paws Rescue saving her. Places like this need all of our help to keep going and make a difference. Thanks for posting about it

  3. Dogman2 Says:

    This is a great link to Dogs in Danger, only if people knew more it could save some dog lives… I have an add on my site as well just hoping that people would check it out and help the cause…

  4. Tracy Says:

    I just read about you online in the Naperville Sun. Thanks for your work to help animals! I started a blog about animal rights at the end of June ( The more voices for the animals, the better they’ll be. Keep up the great work!

  5. Pam Says:

    I love this blog. I have two Therapy dogs and do my best to spread the word about animal cruelty. I work in a school system and talk to the students about pet care, responsiblities and the dangers and horrors of dog fighting/cock fighting and puppymills.

    There Is a big problem: The majority of people reading this blog already KNOW about animal abuse. Most are animal lovers. The problem is to get the word out to the general public. My school has a diverse population. Many different cultures do not know about the proper care of pets. Simple things like proper food, shelter, spaying/neutering and veterinary care, are simply not known.

    Billboards MAY help. Bilingual billboards could also, help. I often send my students home with information in their parent’s language.

    Keep up the good work.


  6. Jamie Says:

    hi there,

    You guys should give your money to groups like your local SCPA, the WSPCA, or even just buy a few sacks of dog and cat food and take it to your local shelter.

  7. tahtimbo Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I have Dugg, and Stumbled your story. This is very important and the word needs to get out.

  8. threio Says:

    Geez, he looks so tired! He needs someone to put some weight and luv on him immediately. His expression is so sad. :(

  9. jccleofe Says:

    hi, this blog is featured today at

  10. chris Says:

    Yes, this is a great website. The more interest that can be sparked the more pets will find homes before their time runs out at the shelters. thanks for posting about it

  11. Jordan Says:

    I think the trick here is for people like us to talk to our local shelters about Dogs In Danger. I’m familiar with the website and there aren’t that many shelters using it. It’s free – I just think that shelters don’t know about it so it’s our job, as concerned animal-lovers, to approach our shelters. I read somewhere that volunteers can put the dogs on the website if the shelter will agree to it. Maybe something for everyone to consider. Can’t be that hard to put them on there and the shelters usually already have pictures of the dogs.

    I challenge everyone reading this blog to speak with the manager or director of their local shelter (if they euthanize – most do) and if they’re not using Dogs In Danger, ask if you can help put their dogs on the website.

    If anyone decides to follow through with the challenge, please post your experiences here.

    Thanks everyone, for caring so much. If only the world were full of more people like us.

  12. Dais the Great Shepherd Says:

    My dog was in a shelter before they turned to no-kill. I walked in not expecting to adopt, but I’m always curious and love all animals to see who was in the back. The first kennel i see is a very skinny all black German shepherd male four years old that had the potential to be about 95lbs, but being there stressed him out. His warm hazel eyes said to me in a voice of a German shepherd, which i hadn’t experienced since my shepherd samantha, who was always by my side as a kid, “I’m your dog and please take me home.” I took him outside to walk and play with him then brought him in the hang out room where I had never seen another dog do that i know of at least besides my dad’s german Duke (still has today) get on a chair and sat there like he was a human. A large dog like that doing that gives you a laughter that warms the heart. I call my dad up and said, “Dad, I’m adopting this dog. He’s coming home with me” Fearful as I informed one of the shelter workers that I was leaving for Brazil and knew this dog is the dog for me. I don’t care if he has problems, I can work with him knowing all kind of German shepherd personality and traits. The lady of course told me if someone came in to adopt him before I got back then there was nothing she could do. I went to brazil and had the time of my life, but he was in my head and heart the whole time. I then left brazil off the plane to get another plane to help a friend move back home. I called every day to ask about him. He was there a week then someone heard I wanted to adopt him and fostered him for me. He was up to be euthanize because supposedly he bark at a little girl and jumped “toward her”. I learned later on there was another dog he was barking at and she happened to run in front of him making the parents’ think it was him. Even still hearing that he was supposely “aggressive” I knew his heart could be warmed again, but he wasn’t aggressive at all. His name is Ansel Amadeus, dais for short, who faithfully walks by my side with no leash and believes the front seat is his throne. He now has a little sister, my daughter whom is 15 months and believes that he is a small pony and he lets her do as she wishes to him. I have never seen him growl or become aggressive toward her kind of playing. he simply moves away if he at all annoyed. But he would never snarl or anything. This shepherd has proven that even though german sheperds are listed with a bad rep for attacking or biting actually one of the top dogs to do so, that it is all how the animal is raised. To put down an animal without the chance that a loving person or family could save a gentle spirit that was broken by A HUMAN. is unfair. I found one of the best dog I have ever owned because of a shelter and a few other people who believed he deserved a good home. Every animal deserves a chance or a few.

  13. Pet Product Says:

    For me I’m glad that there are people who really care about animals…They give their best to save animals not only dogs…Giving charity is not that easy it takes time and effort which someone will benefit and less to yourself…However, to see others or someone happy is enough for us, everybody knows that…Anyway back to dogs…We are aware in the fact that there are thousand of homeless dogs out there so all we need to do is to support those foundations which gives shelter to them in that way we can help them…

  14. Wailana Says:

    I’m always happy to find like-minded people. I’ve never posted about stuff like this in my blog, but I will eventually. When I visited some parts of Asia was aghast to find out that not only do they not treat the dogs at these pounds right- they sell them for slaughter! A lot of people consider dog meat to be a “delicacy” somehow, and it’s absolutely heart breaking and horrifying to see how they treat the animals. Aside from people eating dogs, they had such horrible dog fights going on- and the dogs who lost their fights would just be left to bleed to death or to be eaten by the other dogs.

  15. Jennifer Says:

    Everyone please help! Broward County’s New Dangerous Dog Law has put my babies in jeopardy!

    Our Story:My neighbors dog was in my yard aggravating my 2 dogs, while being provoked one of my dogs pushed the gate open (which unfortunatly had not been properly relocked by my lawn maintenance company) and escaped. The two dogs began to fight in my yard, unfortunately the other dog, a Yorkie did not make it. I am at my wits end!!! They claim it was in their yard when it was not. After seeing my dog escape I ran out and stopped the fight, my dog let go instantly however I have a Staffordshire terrier and she is 66 lbs and the other dog was very small. This was a horrible accident but with the new law they will put my dogs down since the neighbors can’t seem to get their story straight. We are talking a matter of inches, now how can they kill them for a matter of inches. These are my kids and taking them away is wrong. I feel horrible about what happened and paid all the expenses for the vet in order to try and save the Yorkie’s life. The neighbors have even said it was not our fault and the Animal Control has even said they are not dangerous but with the neighbors constantly changing their story my dogs still sit on DEATH ROW. Please help me save my dogs!!!

    How to Help! Please sign the petition and pass it along, we need all the help we can get!

    Our Website:

  16. the three dog blogger Says:

    A very touching article and a good idea in some ways.
    To be honest I am completely torn about the best way shelters should act. Having got one of our dogs from a shelter I know the reality of it. I guess maybe she was a slightly nervy dog anyway (who knows) but it has taken her almost a year to become real confident dog and enjoy properly the joys of the freedom she has.
    The pound she came from NEVER puts a dog to sleep and I don’t know if this is good or bad.
    Should there be a time limt on how long the dogs are there for?
    Some days I think yes, others no.
    How messed up does it make many of the dogs if they are in shelters struggling to just provide the basics as many do.It is a real tough decision to make I know and I am glad it is not mine to make.
    I guess it really depends on the nature of the dog if it can handle a more extreme environment or not.
    Well this is just my indecisive ramblings on the subjest but I thik you are doing a fantastic job here.

  17. Lil A Says:

    Oh e-mail me for the site

  18. healthy pet treats Says:

    So sad.
    It’s hard to read or even think of so many animals in need.
    With our current economic crisis, the need is greater than ever before. the shelters are being over run by those who can no longer afford their pet, or got evicted from their home.

    Sometimes you do think though, what is better, to live in horrific conditions, or not to love at all?


    Tough and so sad. :(

  19. Cara Smith Says:

    I fell terible about these dogs and cats and I think we should all try and help these poor dogs:(

  20. madeline Says:

    i feel so bad that not every animal has a home they are just like humans but are a little different please try to save an animal

    Thank You!

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