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posted by Stacy on Jun 29

Dogs In Danger – Please Read – Save Dogs Lives

Save A Dogs Life

Hey Everyone!

I came across this website that I feel extremely necessary to share with everyone. It is called Dogs In Danger, . This site is all about the last chance to save a dogs life before they are euthanized in a shelter. It is very sad but very real, it actually shows you the number of days the dog has before it is put to sleep. It looks like there are few shelters that participate in this program when in actuality thousands of shelters are euthanizing tens of thousands of animals on a daily basis.

I commend the founders of this site and admire their commitment to truley putting forth the maximum effort of saving dogs’ lives!

So please, please forward this site to everyone you know! Please educate people on shelter adoptions vs. pet store purchases! You can be a voice for these poor dogs and animals, please help save them!

Thanks so much for reading!!

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