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posted by Stacy on May 25

Unchain Your Dog

Unchain Your Dog

Dogs are born as part of a pack. Out in the wild, wolves and other canines live, eat, and sleep with their family. Without other dogs, humans become their “pack.” If someone chained you to a tree and you could only travel a few feet wouldn’t you feel sad? A chained dog feels rejected and doesn’t understand why their best friend would just walk away and leave them there.

Imagine yourself being chained to a tree year after year. You watch the door hoping someone will come play. No one ever does. You long to run, but you can only pace. You shiver in winter and pant in summer. Eventually, you stop barking. You have given up hope.

We have many forms of entertainment: movies, music, friends. Your dog only has YOU. If you can’t give a dog a good life, should you really have one?

It is up to caring people like you to improve the lives of chained dogs. Some think, “It’s none of my business.” But it is the business of compassionate people to speak up when living creatures are treated like objects and chained to a tree. You will feel good about yourself for helping a chained dog!

If you are wondering what should you do if you see a dog constantly left outside on a chain you can read what the Humane Society says about it here.

Here is a list of alternatives the HSUS has to offer to help get dogs off of chains.

  • Install a fence if your property does not already have one. Or consider installing a large chain-link dog run. If you install a dog run, make sure it meets these minimum space requirements. Be sure to allow extra space for a doghouse.
  • If you have a fence and your dog can jump over it, install a 45-degree inward extension to the top of your existing fence. Many home improvement stores sell these extensions.
  • If your dog digs under the fence to escape your yard, bury chicken wire to a depth of one foot below where the fence meets the ground (be sure to bend in the sharp edges). Or place large rocks at the base of the fence.
  • If the two previous options don’t work for your “escape artist,” consider using a cable runner or electronic fencing. These options are not perfect, but they will give your dog more freedom. Be sure to use these options only if you also have a fence that protects your dog from people and other animals.
  • If your dog digs where you don’t want him to (such as in a garden or flower bed), consider putting plastic garden fencing or a similar barrier around the area. Or provide your dog with his own sandbox. Bury toys in the sandbox and use positive reinforcement to teach your dog that it is okay to dig there.
  • Enroll your dog in an obedience class—especially if his behavior is the main reason you keep your dog outside.
  • Spay or neuter your dog if you haven’t already done so. A neutered dog is less likely to roam and more content to stay at home. These are safe procedures that have many health and behavioral benefits. Ask your veterinarian for more information.

Remember that dog behavior problems such as barking, chewing, and digging are often the result of a lack of stimulation. By providing your dog with proper toys, exercise, “people time,” and positive reinforcement, you may alter undesirable behaviors and teach acceptable house manners. In addition, a dog who is inside the house is much more likely to deter an intruder than a dog chained in the yard.

Please help us unchain your dog and give all animals a better life.

Unchain YourDog

This article was found online, not written by Animals Need Help.   We feel this article was so note worthy we wanted to share it with you.

31 Comments to “Chained Dogs Are Sad Dogs – Unchain Your Dog”

  1. Diane Scott Says:

    HEAR HEAR!!!!!! OMG it makes me so angry to see the way some people treat their dogs. If you didn’t want a friend in the first place, why the hell did you get one?

  2. outofthepinksky Says:

    Definitely! My rescued pug, Xander, has scars all over his body from when his previous owner chained him outside in the winter and the chains froze to him. The fur won’t grow in those patches anymore. I don’t know how he survived, especially since he’s a pug and they’re so sensitive to the cold, but thank goodness he did! He’s my sweetheart.

  3. Havenlei Says:

    I treat my dog as one member of the family! my own child

  4. lotuzz Says:

    Yes I agree!Nice post!

  5. Cats Says:

    Excellent post ~ I totally agree ~ dogs deserve our love ~ if we have them as pets we must take time to care for them and play with them. All the tips you’ve mentioned are good.

  6. Stacy Says:

    Thanks for commenting! It’s nice to see everyone taking such an interest in this post. When we commit to bringing a pet into our lives we must be well educated on how to raise them and think of their needs on a continual basis.

  7. A Musing Mom Says:

    Stacy – check out today’s Naperville Sun – business section. : )

  8. Dee Says:

    This topic couldn’t be more Important to talk about,people need to be educated on having pets. I am an animal lover of all kinds, I adopted a golden retriever from a rescue 6 years ago, who’s first year of life was outside chained to a fence.when I think about why someone would do that, it just upsets me to the very core. I have this very same problem as we speak in back of my home, a dog tied to a tree stump, barking constantly, whining, wondering why he is tied up, hes not the problem, the owners are!! and I have tried to speak to them, does not understand english very well, called the police, said they would investigate

  9. Dogman2 Says:

    I just caught your Blog and I will say that this is a great post, most people that chain their dogs up just don’t really care or even really have true love for them. It’s a shame that anybody could buy a dog…I think if it wasn’t any of those puppy mills you might not be seeing these things because real dealers would screen you first… Keep up the great work on your posting….

  10. micgui Says:

    Putting chains on my dog is the last thing on my mind and I have no plans of putting him chains either. Owners has a lot of responsibility on their dog’s behavior and having a pet is not only providing food, shelter but also giving love and affection, understanding their behavior and treating them like they were humans too. Dogs are not made by God to be just guardians and provide security on our homes. These dogs are our friends, living creatures that are striving to live in this world just like us.

    Thanks for sharing this. Cheers!


  11. Nona Says:

    I have 2 dogs, a lab and a mix breed (who was a street rescue). Both of them live indoors with us and go outside to play in our fenced in yard and get walks every day.

    Our neighbors have 2 dogs they keep locked up in a cage. Its not a chain, but they only have about as much room as a chain allows. They go outside but never give their animals any attention. The poor dogs how and are just miserable!

  12. Petssionate Says:

    I totally agree with you guys and this is a good article. Chaining my dog is the last thing every I would have done in my whole life. I wish that my neighbour would and could have read this article.

    I live in a not-so-friendly neighbourhood. There is this house with 2 dogs which I’ve never seen them being unchained or brought for a walk before. 1 dog will be chained to a bench and another to the pole at their car compound. The car will then be parked in between 2 of this dog and it’s really squeezee there. Although they have shelter, but it is really pitiful to see them being chained. The grandmother in that house, sometimes chain to a tree outside of the house. Sometimes under the sun and sometimes there’s rizzling and I still see these dogs being chained to the tree(without shelter).

    If they are not chained, they will be locked up in their small cage outside their house at the car compound.

  13. Says:

    Chained Dogs Are Sad Dogs, Unchain Your Dog

    Dogs are born and raised as members of a pack out in the wild. Other canines like wolves and dingos live, eat, and sleep with their family. Without other dogs, humans become their “pack.” If someone chained you to a tree and you could only move a f…

  14. BullyFan Says:

    It’s very sad that this goes on. Living in the South, you can see pit-bull breeders everywhere with dozens of dogs chained up in small fenced-in areas full of dirt. These dogs grow up without any love and ready to fight. It’s amazing. Now, I’m a casual breeder myself (have two English Bulldogs), but I believe that you have a responsibility to your dog. This article is definitely great, and although I’m a new reader, I look forward to learning more from your blog!

  15. Alexa Says:

    OMG i so agree i think that if you are going to get a friend then you treet them with love and respect and not hatred and abuse we the people need to put an end to animal abuse and i love your blog i feel that i could really connect to it!

  16. G1 Says:

    Fantastic article and i agree wholeheartedly, thanks for posting it. Chaining is mentally cruel. You wouldn’t like it would you?

  17. B. Says:

    I have a neighbor whose dog is chained to a tree 24-7-365, I finally reported him but doubt anything will be done. People like that are the worst of the worst. Animal abusers. That’s all they are.

  18. Dafydd Says:

    Haha ^^ nice, is there a section to follow the RSS feed

  19. Tommy - Says:

    chaining a dog all day is cruel…. i have certain exception to using a chain to hold my dog outside a store in a public place where i cannot enter with him … but never for prolonged periods of time. .

  20. Lee Says:

    You know this a going to create a new movement of people going around with chain cutters now don’t you :o)

  21. John Pelts Says:

    Here’s a bad story about a chained dog that did not make it.

    A dog drowned after it was chained to a stake and left outside during the storm Sunday night.

    It happened in Frame in Kanawha County.

    A volunteer firefighter tells that the dog was always chained and left alone. It does have a doghouse but she says the dog did not fit inside.

    For several weeks, she’s complained to the homeowner and the Humane Society but has been ignored.

    When flash floods hit overnight the dog was left to fend for itself. The water took over the homeowner’s backyard and since the dog was chained and could not escape, it drowned.

    The homeowner says he didn’t realize it was going to rain that night and he didn’t know there was a flood warning.

    The Humane Society does not plan to press charges.

    Pretty sad…

    John Pelts

  22. Good Dog Breeds Says:

    I get so angry when I find out about a chained dog. Unfortunately people just can’t seem to get it through their heads that dogs are meant to be family members. Hopefully laws will be passed that can end the suffering of chained dogs, and allow them to live the social lives that they crave and deserve!

  23. German Shepherd Training Says:

    Great Post! This is so important. Most people don’t even stop to think about what effect chaining their dog may have. Thanks for getting the word out. May I repost this on my blog?

  24. Chris Says:

    I totally agree with this article. There’s a poor dog that’s chained up night and day 365 days a year. I can’t remember a day when the dog wasn’t out there. Plus, I live in Wisconsin so it can get brutally cold outside in the winter. But my wife and I always feel bad for it because the poor dog couldn’t run around and play if it wanted to. They should get some type of dog fence.

  25. Chris Says:

    I agree that there is nothing sadder than a chained up dog. We rescued a basset who spent the first part of his life chained to a tree with very little food. When he was rescued he was covered with deer ticks and very very skinny. Apparently his previous owners chained him up because he was digging up their yard. After we adopted him he did indeed have some digging problems. We found some very effective techniques to stop my new dog from digging He no longer is destroying our yard and of course he is not chained up.

  26. Cara Wilson Says:

    The only time dogs should be chained up is if you are out and you need to confine them to a spot while you sit or go into a shop. Not at home for long periods of time. That is not a life for creature.

  27. Zuko Says:

    It is really sad to hear that people do this to their dogs. We have four dogs and all live in the house and have never been chained. We treat them as full family members since that’s what they are.

    Thank You for great article!

  28. Matt Says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I makes me feel sick when I see dogs chained up and treated so cruely. I don’t know what is wrong with some people. I appreciate you speaking up on this subject. I think it is an important one!

  29. Cate Says:

    I am Makena and I do a cat rescue and my mom does a dog rescue.
    Cate and I rescue from the Chula vista shelter.
    we do use tieouts but we do not leave them and not come back.
    please check out our website at
    Thank you
    Cate and makena
    HappyCatRescue and and learning with love dog training.

  30. Dogfencepro Says:

    I think a chain is the worst thing, I have a friend about 10 years ago his dog hung himself. electronic fence is much mor affordable these days a can be found in many pet stores.

  31. Carla | Donating Car Says:

    Owning a dog comes with responsibilities and it would be ideal to treat them like the best pals that will leave you with no worries whenever you are together.

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