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posted by Stacy on Apr 17

Free To A Good Home Puppies

Free Puppies To A Good Home

Do you know what happens to some pets that are posted in “Free To Good Home” ads? Too many times than not after the pet is adopted it is neglected, abandoned, abused, starved and sadly even sold for animal experimentation. Believe it or not this happens thousands of times per day!

People that place free to good homes ads for their pets do not realize the consequences of their innocent intent of finding a new home for their pet. They certainly are thinking that their pet will end up in good hands and have a better life but sadly so many times that is not the case. They are misguided and it could lead their pet into a tragic situation.

Even charging an adoption fee of $50 or more can deter the abusers because people tend not to value things that are free.  A free pet is a disposable pet.

What can you do to help you may ask? Contact the person that is placing the ad and educate them. Let them know that there are no kill shelters and rescues that are willing to take in their pet and find them a good home. Encourage them to charge an adoption fee. You can potentially be saving an animals life!

To learn more about the perils of free to a good home animal ads click here

26 Comments to “Educate People Who Post Free To Good Home Ads”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Yes, even an adoption fee of $50 will help increase the chances that the pet is going to a responsible owner.

  2. Kristy Says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have seen an increase in these ads in recent weeks…kitten and puppy season has begun.

  3. Robin Says:

    This is a great post. I worked at my local human society for 4 years and still help when I can so I know how many pets end up at the shelter and somtimes these are the lucky ones. I’m linking your blog to mine to help educate the public. Great blog.

  4. Loretta Says:

    Excellent post! It is so very sad when people “get a pet” versus “find a friend.”

  5. Animals Need Help « ~Writing Angel~ Says:

    […] 2. Educate People Who Post Free To Good Home Ad […]

  6. Bumpass Hounds Says:

    Right on. Ms. Carol @ Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue always charges a fee to filter out bad people. Our mom & dad always request an adoption fee because of the bad things that can happen to “free” dogs.
    Best regards
    Homer J., Jubal, JEB, Shelby, Jack, ABBY, Max, Shiloh, Boru, Alex, and Jenny = aka: The Bumpass Hounds @

  7. mef Says:

    Free dogs have risks but so does charging a fee. Some people think it’s their right to use the dog as a breeder and sell the puppies to earn back the adoption fee, as if the dog is an investment not a family member.

    Spay or neutering your dog or cat is the only way to be sure.

    Please read and sign this petition for a spay neuter policy on Craigslist. Tell your friends and colleagues too

    * Permission is granted to link, crosspost, and distribute the petition

  8. Stefani Halling Says:

    Thank you for posting this.
    I’m doing a term paper on the negative effects of animal testing and this is one of my main topics.

  9. BullyFan Says:

    Awesome ad! I think that posting an adoption fee not only ensures that the person values the pet, but that the person has the funds to properly take care of their new companion.

  10. laureie Says:

    hi this is laurie we are look for little puppy

  11. Demi Lovato Says:

    Xelent People can adopt more pets and save them.

  12. Vannessa Anne Hudgens Says:

    Awesome pictures! I think that posting an adoption fee not only ensures that the person values the pet, but that the person has the funds to properly take care of their new companion.

  13. Josie Says:

    im confused so can i adopt one one these puppies or not….
    i dont quite get how this whole thing works….
    please help me those puppies are so adorable and cute and i really want one

  14. Sarah Says:

    I don’t get it…. do you have to pay or not? Well anyway I love this website for helping animals!!!

  15. Stacy Says:

    Can you give me more information on the free puppies?

  16. Katlin Says:

    It never even occurred to me that when people give away free puppies the puppy might go in to the hands of someone that would want to abuse their privileged. As nice as it may be to get a free puppy, to me it would be worth paying for the dog if i know it can help avoid the chances of these puppies going into puppy mills or even the possibility of them being entered in dog fights.

  17. kaytlin Says:

    our those puppies for sale?

  18. stephanie Says:

    you noe thats not all true i would love a free friend i would take care of it and love it more than anything some people just dont have money for a 800 dollar dog or 1000 dog.

  19. jasmine Says:

    hey i would love to have a dog a will take good care of it feed good take it on long walks treat it like it a new born baby or something u no there is no since for any one to kill or hurt and animal if they don’t want it they should sell it or give it away if there is any one that is selling or giving away

  20. Stacy Says:

    That is a good point however when anyone is getting ready to take a pet into their home they need to consider the costs associated with it. It is very unfair to your pet to to bring it home and then realize you cannot afford it so then you have to give it up.

  21. jennifer Says:

    aww i want 1

  22. cassie Says:

    PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. roxy Says:

    i love puppies how could you hurt one they are so cute and would never mean to hurt you unless you hurt them like most people do. it is so bad that people do such mean things to puppies!

  24. janet Says:

    I like the puppies at the top of the page, do you know wherer I could adopt a puppy that looks like those??

  25. Rumpy Drummond Says:

    I love that so many people are out there helping animals. I wish some of those rescuers would stop being so darn rude to people when they call about surrending an animal. I hear it on Facebook and Twitter from them. I fear their attitude sends folks to take out these “free” ads.

  26. KANI Says:

    i want one cute puppy, :-)

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