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posted by Stacy on Apr 6

Please consider giving up pork, would you eat your dog? Please read on to find out why we are asking you to give up eating these adorable animals.

Most people rarely have the opportunity to interact with these outgoing, sensitive animals because 97 percent of pigs in United States today are raised on factory farms as food animals. These pigs spend their entire lives in cramped, filthy warehouses, under constant stress from the intense confinement and denied everything that is natural to them. Click HERE To watch a movie about their pitiful existence on farms just so they can make us a pork chop sandwich, a slab of ribs or a BLT.

Considered smarter than 3-year-old human children, pigs are very clever animals. They are smarter than dogs and every bit as friendly, loyal, and affectionate.

Since most people are not that familiar with pigs, you may be surprised to learn that they dream, recognize their names, play video games more effectively than some primates, and lead social lives of a complexity previously observed only in primates.

People who run animal sanctuaries often describe pigs with human characteristics, because they’ve learned that, like humans beings, Pigs also enjoy listening to music, playing with toys, and getting massages.

The average American meat-eater is responsible for the abuse and deaths of approximately 31 pigs and most all of those pigs are the subject of animal cruelty on the farm

I hope you can learn to love these cute little creatures just as much as me and leave them in the yard and off the table.

8 Comments to “Pigs Are Our Friends Not Our Food”

  1. Deimos Tel`Arin Says:

    That is quite a lot of info about piggies that I do not know earlier. O_O

    Muslims do not eat pork but they eat chicken and beef though.

    Non-Muslims Chinese, on the other hand, happen to eat quite a lot of pork. O_O

    I happen to be one of them! -_-

  2. Ferox Says:

    I have done some work in a piggery, and I can tell you that some of the older sows are so menally numbed from lack of stimuli that they won’t even try to bite an apple if youput it in front of them.

    That said, there is a lot of research being done by the DPI to find a solution to raising pigs that satisfies eficiency and their welfare needs.

  3. diamond Says:

    hmmm…makes me not want to eat my dinner tonight. :0(

  4. heidi Says:

    It makes me so upset that some people think it is okay to treat an animal this way. My children and I are vegetarians and I always make it clear to them that we would not eat our cat or dog or each other so why would we eat a cow, chicken or pig. I really feel for all the factory farm animals and especially the pigs. Thanks for pointing this out and your awareness.

  5. Hannah Fanna Says:

    I like how you stand up for animals. Lots of people should be like you. And, don’t just stand up for animals, stand up for the Earth.

    BLUE MEANS RECYCLE, NOT TRASH!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! ;~)

  6. Christian Socialist Says:

    Hello all: good site this !! I am honest, i am not a vegetarian, but i am thinking about becoming one, i only eat chicken, and i don’t eat red meat, nor ham, no any products coming from dead cows, i only drink milk, and ia m thinking about changing to soy milk. Because i am socialist, and humanist, and if you think about it, animals do have feelings too and should have same equal rights of humans. Even Marx said that men should treat animals like other humans. Capitalists on the other hand eat meat without end, that’s why you see a lot of right-wingers at restaurants like Ponderosa Steak House, it is sickening. Keep up the work, and USA and the world needs an animal socialist revolution indeed, to release not only oppressed humans from Africa, Haiti and the world, but also oppressed animals. Don’t let the fascist meat eaters kill us all

  7. WolfGirl Says:

    A lot of animals are smarte and cooler than what most people know and I think you have a fantastic job at bringing that to the forefront with pigs.

    Did you know elephants can paint? That bees burn their predators to death by raising their body temperature (not stinging)? That lemurs use millipede juice to fend off insects and to get high? That’s cool stuff!

    Hears to Vegetarianism! :)

  8. Nur Sarah Lam Says:

    It is true that Chinese eat a lot of pork..While Muslim will not even touch Pig/pork because it is not allowed..

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