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posted by Stacy on Mar 29

Fur Is Not Fashion

Fur Is Not Fashion

Hey Everyone!

I am sure alot of you are in to fashion trends, the latest styles, hottest shoes, handbags and designers. I know I have a tendency to get caught up in it. I did want to make everyone aware of some of the sad atrocities designers are doing to our helpless animals, all for the sake of fashion.

Did you know that Gucci sells boots made of seal fur. Gucci is responsible for the horrors of the Canadian seal hunt that have repeatedly been documented on video. Check out more on

Burberry still sells fur.

Christian Lacroix directly funds people who skin, bludgeon, strangle, and electrocute animals for a living for their fur.

Valentino directly funds people who skin, bludgeon, strangle, and electrocute animals for a living for their fur.

Uggs are animal skin.

Alexander McQueen uses fox heads and bird skulls on his runway models.

The list can go on and on. Unfortunately because many people believe fashion is more important than the life of animals, these designers will continue to capitalize on the lives of them. Please read your labels, get to know your designers and their styles and don’t think that there are not trendy designers out there that do not use animals. Check out Stella McCartney, Juicy Couture, Prada (be cautious though), Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole and JCrew to name a few. I hope you can forsake fur for the sake of fashion.

You can also check out for Peta’s cruelty free clothing guide.

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!

23 Comments to “For The Sake Of Fashion”

  1. Culture Vulture Says:

    I appreciate your contempt for the people who make money from killing other living and harmless creatures. It’s disgusting indeed. And I despise the so-called celebrities who wear the skins of dead animals as some sort of warped and ugly fashion statement.

    About Ugg boots – which are Australian (before someone in another country copied them and took a copyright on the name) – they are from animals yes, from sheep skin. I don’t know about other countries, but here they are made from the fleece, which has to be shorn. The sheep can’t have their wool just left to grow, they would just get incredibly long shaggy and dirty. We have always shorn sheep, clipped the wool . It’s just like cutting your hair. :)

  2. lilyruth Says:

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  3. lizh Says:

    This is a great post.
    When I see women draped in fur I want to vomit. The slaughtering of these creatures for their pelts are horrendous acts of cruelty and inhumanity.
    Thanks for sharing this and raising awareness to yet another act of unnecessary animal cruelty.

  4. Blogsvine Says:

    For The Sake Of Fashion |

    Don’t forsake animals for the sake of fashion. What designers still use animal skins and say it’s fashionable. What you can do to help.

  5. Nk Says:

    Great article there.
    And, you just got featured on Blogsvine as well. :)

  6. hangelbel Says:

    That’s nice of you to post this kind of article. Good job.

  7. Cece Says:

    I’m fairly certain Juicy Couture uses rabbit fur prominently in their winter clothing lines. Ralph Lauren and Prada, who stopped using real fur, are heavy users of leather as well, whether or not they’re made from animal by-products from the meat industry or repitilian leather from those poor crocs and snakes, it’s still hypocritical.

  8. WolfGirl Says:

    Great list Stacy!

    Looks like we were thinking on the same wave length as I just posted on a topic very similar to yours (called It’s What’s On The Outside That Counts) that looks at the origins of the fur industry. I also put a link to this post in comments because I feel my readers will benefit from this list.

  9. Stacy Says:

    Thanks for all the comments guys! I am certainly going to look into Juicy Couture and the others Cece, thanks for the info!

  10. felinesophy Says:

    yup, it’s heartbreaking seeing furr & animals’ skin being into fashion style:(
    but, I wonder….what do you think if someone make wallet, bag from crocodile/alligator or snake skin? any comment?

  11. Stacy Says:

    Hi felinesophy,
    Whether it is fur or alligator it is wrong. Some people think that just because something is not socially “cute” then it doesn’t count but it really does. Thanks for reading our posts.

  12. Animals Need Help « ~Writing Angel~ Says:

    […] 3. For The Sake of Fashion […]

  13. Rachel rox da froggys sox Says:

    I so agree!! its really gross that they wear animals just to look ‘glamorous’!!
    especially when there are so many other alternate materials out there….:( People should DEFINATLEY say NO to fur and skin products!!!
    thanx you gave me a school speech topic!!:D

  14. Womens Designer Shoes Says:

    I am one of the millions of animal lovers all over the world and I am not agree that some of the designers are using fur for fashion. Using Faux fur looks good, right? So I hope they’ll stick to it rather than killing poor animals.

  15. Daniel Wilson Says Says Says Says:

    I bet most of these people who think it’s so cruel eat meat every day of their lives. Talk about hypocrites. McDonalds is responsible for murdering many more helpless creatures than Gucci. And what Culture Vulture said is partially true. Wool is from shearing sheep, which doesn’t hurt them, but Real Shearling Sheepskin is the Hide Ripped off their bodies, and them left bloody and SKINLESS and then the Pelt is turned inside out. You are wearing BACKWARDS sheep SKIN on your body. The sheeps fleece in against your skin, while the INSIDE of what was the Sheep’s skin, is now on the outside, getting weathered. Yup, inside out animal skin! Recognize!

  16. Indie Says:

    Animals shouldn’t have to suffer for fashion, WE should suffer for fashion (great song by of Montreal… listen to it LOL!).

    Now I admit, I eat meat, but for fashion people should stick to flannel

  17. Tania Says:

    I heard that Lindsey Lohan wore a real fur coat in an award show and she got yelled at and people threw stuff at her and threw flour at her!! I think it is just WRONG to wear real fur. Why don’t those stupid people imagine themselves being slaughtered and people wearing them for fashion!

  18. Liz Says:

    The problem is these animals killed inhumanely. Did you know that to get rabbit’s fur, they have to skin them alive? How cruel is that?

  19. Debra Fashion Designer Says:

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  20. Cameron Says:

    does j.crew hurt animals for their clothing such as 100% wool??

  21. amanda Says:

    No J. crew does not use animal fur…there is a list available online of who uses fur…just type it in the search box “fur free clothing companies”

  22. Fur Fashion Says:

    How can human be such cruel to animals. Fur is not for fashion. Mind it.

  23. Malika Says:

    Good article, thanks!

    response to 1. Culture Vulture: Be carefull! Australia is one of the largest producer of wool, yes. The sheep are mutilated, large chunks of skin are cut of their backs while alive and unsedated, castrated alive and unsedated in the most painfull way, some die of heat in the warm months, they become sick and also eaten alive by flies because of the thick wool that absorbs their urine. all this is due to the sheep being treated as manufacturor of a product/for profit instead of living creatures. If the sheep where unmanipulated by mankind to created all this wool, they would produce just enough to keep themselves warm.

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