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posted by Stacy on Feb 17

It’s super-easy for kids to get active for animals at any age. In fact, there are tons of things that you can do to help that don’t require much cash—just your time and energy. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

The best thing you can do to help animals is to stop eating them! For some great tips on how you can save lives, help the environment, and improve your health by cutting animals out of your diet, check out all the info here.

Chances are that your local animal shelter can probably use your help, so give ’em a call! You may be too young to volunteer, but you’re never too young to have a fund raiser or a drive to collect supplies.

Does your school have a student-choice policy allowing students the right to refuse to dissect? Are there animals being held hostage at your school, commonly known as “classroom pets” or “hatching experiments”? Do your teachers plan yearly field trips to the zoo or the circus? It’s your school, too, and that means that your voice counts, so speak up and let your teachers know that there are alternatives to animal exploitation. And don’t forget to recruit your classmates to help you tackle these issues!

Educate others! Use animal issues as topics for all your school projects. From book reports to posters in art class—PETA has got you covered.

Letter-writing is one of the best things you can do to help, so get that pen and paper—or computer keyboard—ready! Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper about animal rights issues. Scan the newspaper for upcoming events, issues, or “free to a good home” ads, and fire off a letter to give the animals’ side of the story. For instance, when the circus is coming to town, let the public know what really happens under the big top, and urge readers to boycott animal circuses.

Grab some friends or your siblings and set up a literature table in the mall, outside a store, or at the local library (get permission from the “powers that be” first—that means Mom and Dad and the mall office!) and distribute PETA literature. Or gather some friends together and leaflet around town.

We’re always looking for new ways to make a difference for our animal friends, so drop us a line and let us know what you’re doing so that we can pass it on. And please, be sure to include pix of you in action, ’cause you may just find yourself gracing the images of an upcoming issue of Grrr! magazine or on!

8 Comments to “What Can Kids Do To Help Animals?”

  1. Angel Says:

    Great blog and very interesting, useful and topical info! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. bernat Says:

    hi this is a great site. Anyway watch dog whisperer on sky 3 if your from england. it is a good program for you to understand how dogs react behave and share with you.The best thing i like about this program is that the person cesar is really understanding how dogs behave and has some good ideas how to love your dog. READ THIS AND WATCH THIS PROGRAM PLEASE THINK MORE ABOUT DOGS AND ANIMAL RESCUE TEAMS!1 THANK YOU

  3. bethany Says:

    thanks sooo much for this very interesting infomation i want to make a change to animal testing because it is tottaly wrong !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Faith Says:

    This is an awesome website, I am going to talk to the lunch ladies at my school to give us vegetarian choices, so if we are vegetarian, we don’t have to think about the poor animals that we are eating. Less Meat at school, less meat they order, less meat they order, less animals they kill. If your school doesn’t have vegetarian choices, this may be a very good idea to talk to your principal, or lunch ladies about! Thanks for giving me this idea, I believe I can help save animals!

  5. Unknown Says:

    i am doing a project in school called Independent Study Reasearch Project, or ISRP for short. you have to pick something in this world you think is wrong, or should stop. i choose animal cruelty as my topic. i have to include some things that I could do to help prevent my topic, even if it a small change in mmy daily life. i found this website very heplful!

  6. Lilly Says:

    I hate animal abuse! for every 1 who abuses animals, you really shouldn’t. Don’t just be mean to poor innocent little animals! STOP ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. nice blog!

  7. Karrigan Davis Says:

    I am a vegetarian already and i try to rescue every stray or non-stray animal I find! In fact, I am rescuing a litter of kittens tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! This website makes my heart beat so loud with love that China could hear it’s boom. When it comes to animals, my heart says ”NO! YOU ARE NOT LEAVING ANYWHERE UNTIL THIS ANIMAL IS SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!”. I love animals soooooo much. They mean the world to me!!!!!!

  8. Darian Says:

    I think animal abuse should stop. It’s cruel to the animals. People hit on animals they tie them up, they make them starve,they even test on them with lotion or our shampoo and conditioner. This is why we need to stop abuse and testing. BE A VEGAN OR VEGETARIAN! and stop being cruel to them they never did anything to us.

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