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posted by Stacy on Feb 17

Something Keeps Crashing On Our Computer

Sorry, we cannot write about animal cruelty issues or helping animals worldwide today because something keeps crashing on our computer here at

Cat Crash Fever

We apologize and would like to offer a FREE Pet Screen Cleaner for the inconvenience.

We’ll get back to work writing more articles about stopping animal cruelty shortly.

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27 Comments to “Something Keeps Crashing On Our Computer”

  1. Reward Rebel Says:

    Aw, if there’s a word for this degree of cuteness, I don’t know it! Is this a photo you’ve sourced, or are you the lucky pet of this delightful lil kitty? In friendship;-)

  2. Michael Says:


  3. Ann Clemmons Says:

    That’s adorable! And it looks comfortable too!

    Happy Sunday~


  4. Stacy Says:

    These pictures came from forwarded emails – sometimes those annoying joke emails are worth opening, and sharing. :-)

  5. Linda Says:

    Wow that is great picture…

  6. feefifoto Says:

    Did you run a CAT scan to find the problem?

  7. Rebecca Says:

    Awww, this is TOO cute! ^,,^

  8. Melo Says:

    The furball is so cute. Too bad I don’t like cats or any animals with fur. I get an asthma attack. :(

  9. C Duran Says:

    Ooooohhh….that’s so cute!!! My littlest cat loves to lie on the laptop keyboard too because it’s warm. The worst though was the time she somehow locked it by rolling around!!!

  10. Mark Says:

    At least your cat lies on your keyboard mine likes to leap on it unexpectedly!

  11. Angel Says:

    What a cute picture!

  12. Says:

    Something Keeps Crashing On Our Computer at

    Maybe you can help identify what keeps crashing on our computer and keeping us from getting the word out about animal cruelty. Get a FREE pet screen cleaner as a bonus

  13. cat luva Says:

    my cat used to sit on everything and anything that I was doing before she died… that picture is very cute:-)

  14. professional Says:

    Hello. I think you are eactly thinking like Sukrat. I really loved the post.

  15. jonjets Says:

    Is the cat just laying there to keep his keyboard and his trackball warm……..well…it WAS winter in Chicago……….(insert rolling of the eyes,slowly shaking the head,and maybe a little smile?)

  16. BullyFan Says:

    Ha! Cute, reminds me of something my cat would do.

  17. katie Says:

    so cute like my kittens

  18. katie Says:

    my cats lay in my shoes like the cat and dog cuddling and the facts i have 2 persians and a plain black cat we brush and cuddle them they are loved

  19. happyppl Says:

    wow thats sooo cool …i love animals!

  20. computers Says:

    what a sweet kitty..mine is more for playing ricochet with my display :))

  21. Marble Host Says:

    Wow great comfortable, and I loves animals great post

  22. STOPZilla Says:

    HAHa that is great! we need to trade cats for real!! This thing reminds me of that movie gremlins.

  23. Destiney Says:

    OMG thats soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!! I love animals and my g-pa has abt 20 cats but i have NEVA seen such a cute pic. <3 ya & dat pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. heather Says:

    Aww this is sooo cute!
    My kitten does this when i try to type.

  25. ana Says:

    im gonna try to do that wit my dog…. hope he wont get mad

  26. wendy Says:

    Oh What a Beautiful Picture so peaceful, Lost my Authur (tom cat ) 18 years old 2 years ago miss him dearly.

  27. Erica Says:

    Whenever I needed to do anything on the computer I couldn’t because my cat would always be jumping on the keyboard or on my lap and pressing the keys with his paws. It was suuuuppper annoying but suuuper cute. You just can’t be mad at them. I stumbled upon this because I was surfing about animal circuses and i just want to say that i hate hate hate the circus.

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