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posted by Stacy on Feb 17

Hi Everyone!

This posting may be a little more somber than our usual postings but if you are an animal lover you definitely need to know what’s happening.

Did you know there are hundreds of companies that still perform / fund animal testing and it is a needless necessity in this day and age? Please note,
per PETA’s website, just a few of that companies that we know and actually help support these tests by purchasing their products from these companies:

  1. Iams – yes believe it or not!
  2. Mars Candy (M&M’s, Snickers, etc.)
  3. Numerous Universities
  4. Phillip Morris – Cigarrettes
  5. Proctor & Gamble – Cover Girl, Clairol, Max Factor and much more
  6. Arm & Hammer
  7. Colgate Palmolive
  8. Dial
  9. Clorox
  10. Johnson & Johnson
  11. L’Oreal
  12. Sally Hansen

The list goes on and on and on…..

Please see the attached pdf for a complete list of companies that test on animals.

If you visit PETA you can learn more about animal testing and you can even sign petitions against these companies.

The best way to stop companies from using animals for testing is to refuse to purchase their products and to write and tell them why you won’t be applying their eye shadow, cleaning your clothes with their detergent, or washing your child’s hair with their shampoo. The power is in the hands of the consumer, you and I.

For more info on cruelty free living please visit:

Remember you can make a difference! Please be the voice of these helpless animals by not supporting companies that test and petitioning them to stop.

Thanks everyone!!

A list of companies that do animal testing

23 Comments to “Don’t Buy Products From Companies That Support Animal Testing”

  1. Chris Says:

    Very good post. We should all boycott these companies that test on animals. I don’t know what gives humans the right to subject animals to this cruel practice. If it’s not safe enough to test on consenting humans, it’s not safe for the animals.
    Anyway on a lighter note, thanks for the comment on my Catnip Corner blog, and I have added your link to my site.
    Have a great day!

  2. Mark Carter Says:

    Credit to you for this post. I do not support animal testing in any form and in this day and age there is no need for it.

  3. Ferox Says:

    I have to admit that I sigh and wonder every time I see a list like this. I’m involved with research animals and they’re not ‘tortured’ or whatever you might think goes on. In many cases wouldn’t you consider that the lives of a handful of animals would be worth a reduction in suffering to many more? Nutritional disorders would be a big one here- many cats used to suffer from Vitamin A overdoses and the resulting bone pathologies. I still feed my cats Iams and I’m still going to.

    I also feel like pointing out that Johnson and Johnson are a BIG producer of medical equipment- bandages, suters etc for human and veterinary markets, and many such products have no alternative but to be tested in a living animal.

    And would you deny me my education by saying that I cannot practice surgery on a living dog? That’s techically an animal experiment too.

  4. Stacy Says:

    Are you kidding? They are not tortured? Then what do you call it? Humanely experimented on? Is it not painful when someone sticks dye or perfume in your eye to see if there is a reaction? Is it not torture when they force them to inhale their products? I am not sure what type of “research” you feel is acceptable but maybe you should research what goes on in labratories.

    Do feel good about “the handful of animals” (not handful but thousands) that are experimented on? Do you think that a chimp’s life has less worth than your cat’s? Do you feel it necessary that a bunny has perfume injected into it’s eye to make sure that you do not have a reaction to the perfume?

    It has been proven that reactions animals have to research medications are not the same reaction that humans have. There are other alternatives so why waste the lives?

    No one is denying you your education but maybe you should educate yourself on what goes on in labratories and think about if torturing animals is necessary in this day and age. It’s sad to use your commitment to save animals’ lives as an argument for your thoughts on animal experimentation.

  5. Ferox Says:

    All experiments these days must be passed by an animal ethics commity that aim to reduce the number of living, feeling animals that go through experiments. Nearly all cosmetic experiments that you’re thinking of were done decades ago. Maybe you should check the dates on things? It’s outdated and done so very, very rately that I’m confident in saying that these extreme examples live only in the minds of the public and peta’s hashed videos.

    I realise that animal ethics is a complex topic and it’s pointless to debate it with someone who has a purely emotional response and not a consideration of WHY live animal experiments continue. The reason is that there is still a benefit compred to the cost. People don’t do it to be cruel, they do it to help something else.

    Let me assure you that the animal handlers in laboratory facilities, by and large, are quite fond of the animals they care for and don’t wish them any harm. Do you have any first hand experience? It really isn’t so clear-cut and it’s VERY hard to make an unbiased decision, eespecially if all you’ve seen is Peta propaganda (btw, I have no respect for peta after all their rants about the Australian Wool industry).

  6. Stacy Says:

    People have strong view points on PETA and on how they try to portray their animal rights messages to the public. I will agree that it can be extreme at times, but when all is said and done they do open eyes and educate people to the animal suffering that takes place on a daily basis. I would say it is extremely far fetched to call their entire program a propaganda, are they putting little monkies in cages, taking pictures and randomley pick a company to lie about? They have worked with Coke, Pepsi, and numerous well known companies, successfully convincing them to stop funding animal testing.

    To claim the list they provide on animal testing is inaccurate would be puting PETA in a position for legal action from these companies.

    I understand their is an existing committee that oversees animal experimentation but again it does not stop animal suffering. Animals experience pain and fear, just like humans do.

    The response people have to animal testing may be an emotianal response but it does not mean it is an uneducated response. My view points on the subject are not only based on PETA’s information, that is ubsurd. Research and education are the typical means of what I base my opinions on with this subject. I may not be in a labratory first hand but many good friends are scientists, medical doctors, vets and my husband too was a medical student. Before switching to business I too started as a medical student.

    To debate this with people that feel that the text studies of school are the bible of life is pointless. I guess my question is, since you seem to be “confident” in the subject, is DO YOU have first hand experience? Are you at these companies and labs day in and day out to know what they do?

    I do agree this a very controversial subject and there are many strong opinions out there. Your beliefs will stay the same as mine will. This blog was created to voice my opinions on helping animals, not to argue beliefs. You are entiled and respected to your beliefs. Lets just agree to disagree.

  7. H Says:

    I like supporting the RSPCA etc. My two cats are from there too.
    Good Luck with helping animals!

    (I find it stupid that people still test on animals: most species [a lot] are different to humans in lots of ways so how can it be a ‘fair-test’?)

    Anyway, I like your site :)

  8. Anita Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this on your blog. Only a very small percentage of people even know about products that are tested on animals. But even a smaller percentage of them know just what kind of torture animals are put through.

  9. castocreations Says:

    I do think that there are valid medical tests that must be done using animals – but it hurts me that they are done. It doesn’t bother me so much when they use rats or mice but dogs and cats? That upsets me the most and it is a purely emotional reaction because my dogs are my babies.

    I do not see that testing makeup, perfume, shampoo, et al is necessary at ALL on animals.

    I wish the anti-testing side were not so emotional and more logical. PETA really does not do animals any good when they do such radical things like comparing the Holocaust to eating meat. It’s absurd and turns people off from listening to them on real issues.

    I do try to avoid products that are tested on animals. But if a life saving technique has been ‘tested’ on a dog and it will save my dogs life I will be beyond thankful. Maybe that’s selfish but I LOVE my dogs (and all dogs…but I am emotionally more connected to mine obviously) and want them to be healthy and cured of disease / injury.

  10. Cynthia Blue Says:

    Shudder… Iams.. ugh. that’s awful.

  11. Jaz Says:

    I do not support animal cruelty in any form. Having just had two of our furry family members die in two months, I am not about to want anything to do with that. This is a post needed. I did the Entrecard, will stumble and digg.

  12. Canine Kids Says:

    Thanks for the list. There were many companies listed whose products we use and we never knew they were still testing on animals. There are so many other choices out there. Thanks for advocating for animals. It’s important work.

  13. Says:

    Don’t Buy Products From Companies That Support Animal Testing

    a blog post showing what companies still support animal cruelty and animal testing. You can help our case by sharing this information and not buying products from companies that support testing on animals.

  14. Nur Sarah Lam Says:

    I wonder what about human testing?

  15. House Says:

    Thanks SO much for this post ~ I plan to spread the word!
    I knew about some of the guilty but some are just news to me!!! This just needs to stop. Enough already.

  16. Natasha Says:

    Really great post.
    It’s horrific how many companies are heartless. I can hardly find any cruelty free products sadly where I live.

    Everyone needs to check out to see which cosmetics companies do not test since PETA’s list isn’t totally correct which is depressing. I just found that out recently. I’ve been emailing and writing companies telling them to stop testing.

  17. Carolyn Says:

    Animal testing NEEDS to be stopped, and by people being aware of which companies use it, we can help prevent it by boycotting. Thank you for this post, i know that a lot of people don’t realize that the products they’re using could’ve caused an animal to suffer.

  18. luckey Says:

    that is sad

  19. Mike Says:

    Being the “most-evolved” species on this planet does not give us the implicit right to exploit the other life forms on this orbiting sphere of rock. Instead, it gives us (well, those of us with proper morals and ethics) the responsibility to look over the “less-evolved”.

    How do I define “proper”? Popular consensus. It is unjust to steal from another because the popular idea is that it’s wrong to steal. I would also argue that it’s wrong to intentionally inflict harm on another thinking, feeling animal (human included). If you have any doubt whether animals think, simply observe an animal’s behavior. Cognitive awareness are indeed recognizable. If you have any doubts about whether animals feel, toss a ball for your dog and watch the reaction in its eyes. Do you suppose it might yelp if kicked or cut? Hmm, I wonder why?

    The level of our technological development has made many animal tests obsolete, unnecessarily expensive, inaccurate, and unjustified. The actions performed on animals would be viewed a complete outrage and horrendous crime if conducted on humans. Why is it different because “they’re not human”? It isn’t. That attitude is misguided arrogance from somebody believing they’re better than something else.

    If at some point I as an individual, or we as a race, are to be evaluated for character (no biblical prophecy here, as I’m also agnostic), then we should be doing everything we can to be of the best character we can be. Subjugating our co-inhabitants to slavery and torture, in my opinion, is definately not of good character.

  20. Man I Leong Says:

    whow , , , , u make this website ? ? ? ?

  21. Megan Says:

    Okay, I do not believe in animal testing. I think it is un nessasary , im only 13 but they SHOULD NOT be doing this . People are smart , they should try and figure out a way of doing this without animals or humans or insects . If they keep this going on, our whole animal economy will go down, because once you get rid of a animal or they go extinct , it might ruin the whole world. I know im going a little extreme, but someday, in the future it might be gone . ;/ Thanks for the list . I’m using this for my research project, don’t worry all credits are for you stacy ! THANKS ! (:

  22. Sheila Says:

    Thank you for this blog. Many people are not aware of these companies who still test on animals and so spreading the word is the first step in awareness. If it can reach at least one person, it will make that much of a difference. With that said, I will not support brands or companies (especially cosmetic companies) who subject animals to these types of cruelty for the sole purpose of human vanity and convenience. Many, if not most, of these products we can do without. I do agree that these tests are totally unnecessary because they’re not specific enough. If you want to find out how humans would react to a certain chemical in a product, test it on humans, not animals.

  23. Barbara Says:

    Had NO idea about M&M! It is easy to grow your own catnip and other things for pets. Another way to stop buying from the wrong people.

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