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posted by Stacy on Jan 30

Animals Are Not Disposable - Please Love Them For Their Whole Life

Today I would like to introduce you to one of our favorite local animal shelters, The Will County Humane Society.

They are the first no kill animal shelter in Will County near our home in Naperville Illinois. They are a privately owned, 501-C3 charitable organization and receive no assistance from local or state government.

We love all the things they do to help find new homes for pets that have been dropped off, abandoned or left behind and they have a great website showing a Pet Of The Week page showing pictures and descriptions of rescued pets that are just waiting for a new family.

They provide shots and medical treatment for all the animals in their care to make sure that you only get a healthy new friend if you are looking for a pet to adopt into your home.

For example all of their puppies and kittens have had their first shots and all adult dogs have been spayed or neutered and have received Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Corona, Leptospirosis Nepatitis and Kennel Cough Vaccines.

All adult cats have been spayed or neutered and have received Rabies, Feline Leukemia, Feline Distemper, Chlamydia, and Feline Rhino Vaccines.

The animals in their care need special attention over the winter months – their bills for heating, caring for the increasing number of abandoned pets and the overall increased needs of vet bills make this a very difficult time for them.
They have T-shirts on sale to celebrate the 40th year anniversary of the shelter. Coffee mugs, travel mugs, canvas bags, note pads and clips all with the Will County Humane Society Logo are also available. Sales from all of these items always contribute to the upkeep of the shelter.
If you would like to donate your time as a volunteer to this humane society or wish to donate something else to help the rescue animals instead they have a Pet Shelter Wish List that can give you donation ideas.

I would appreciate it if you can do anything to help this great animal shelter, the pets they have in their care or the thoughts behind their motto;

“Pets Are Not Disposable Please Love Us For Our Whole Life”

Happy Tails To You

Visit their site to lean more

The Will County Humane Society


11 Comments to “Pets Are Not Disposable – Please Love Them For Their Whole Life”

  1. Andy Says:

    I checked out your site and I love your way of getting the word out about helping animals. If you are ever in Downtown Naperville stop by our pet boutique. Two Bostons.

  2. Raising Mercury Says:

    hi, i have pet guinea pigs. i find it sad that most guinea pigs do not survive their first year because their owners are irresponsible =( for those that do survive, because they live for over 8 years or so, people who just bought them for fun end up throwing them out =( very sad…. love my two guinea pigs, wiggy and ziggy… they are a little hard to care for, but worth all the effort!

  3. Ann Clemmons Says:

    This post really touched me and in a way I feel a part of history. The Will County Humane Society being the first no kill animal shelter near your home is something to be proud of – congrats. I’m upset with my city, we do not even have any animal rescue services available and it’s truly heartbreaking. I really like this blog~


  4. Detox Naturally Says:

    thanks for all you do. your blog is appreciated

  5. jazevox Says:

    thanks for stopping by at my page. i love the objective of this blog.

    the wagging tails image is so cute!

  6. Cozykittens Says:

    thank u for all u do… most people dont realize how important pets are … well atleast to me ..

  7. Steve Stevenson Says:

    I just wanted to say great! I was clicking around on Google when I found this blog. After looking around on this blog I’ve come up with some great ideas for a new website. I just thought I’d let you know

  8. leather corner suites Says:

    Although I can’t see eye to eye with all you are saying, I must confess I do love your way of writing.

  9. Fennec Fox Says:

    Sometimes we build old folks home, ophanage but people tends to forget about the love for our pets. Bravo for your effort!!

  10. Graphic Designer Says:

    Caring for and protecting our animals -big or small- is part of what makes us humans.

  11. Peter Write Says:

    I commend you for your efforts and your great work,for we all love our pets. They can be a great additions to the family.Beautiful blog and so touches my heart.

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