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posted by Stacy on Jan 26

Why Are There So Many Animals In Pet Shelters

Written by Ferox, a veterinary student who runs Nearly-Dr Ferox

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Every year, animal lovers working in shelters are left with no option but euthanasia after being unable to find them new homes. The question many of these devoted volunteers find themselves asking again and again is how do these animals, many of which are sweet, loving souls, end up in shelters with a desperate need for a permanent home?

They come from all over the place. Having worked in animal shelters, there are a few common scenarios that crop up again and again.

  • Those that find strays. Some people come into the shelter with a stray dog or cat that has been hanging around for a few days, that they finally managed to catch. Usually they’ve been spotted by the kids, and often the family asks to adopt the animal if it’s real home isn’t found, which is often the case.
  • Those that claim they’re strays. There have been situations when someone has brought an animal to a shelter (usually a cat), and say that it’s a stray. The shelter scans the animal and finds a microchip. They ring the number…and a mobile phone in the person pocket starts to ring. Talk about an awkward situation.
  • Those that pass away. Nobody plans to die, and sometimes pets are suddenly left without their owners after a tragic event, and end up in a shelter. Often these pets have special instruction such as ‘must not be separated’ because they’ve spent their entire lives together. The experience of being in the shelter is often traumatic for them, and although being kept together makes it slightly easier for them emotionally, it makes it harder for them to find new homes. This is because most potential adopters are looking for one pet, not two.
  • Those that don’t care. Some people just fail to realize that by not spaying or neutering their cats or dogs, they’re going to be eaten out of house and home by hoards of kittens or puppies. This doesn’t seem to bother them though; when they kittens or puppies get to big, too expensive or aren’t cute any more they dump them at a shelter to make room for the next lot.

The end result is that animal lovers working in shelters are left with the heartbreaking job of cleaning up other people’s mess. Some situations are unavoidable, but much of the heartbreak could be avoided by spaying and neutering pets, and by having a contingency plan for them if something should happen to you, or if you become unable to keep your pets at home.

Please remember that owning a pet is a lifelong commitment and should not be taken lightly.

Nearly-Dr Ferox is a blog about the life and times of an Australian Veterinary student.

She shares her experiences not only with fellow vet students, but all those out there that hope one day to be Vets, or wished they had chosen a Veterinary career.

Her blog can supply knowledge to pet owners and explain to animal lovers things they they may now have known.

Some of her posts include Working With Pigs, Vets Over The Phone, Garlic Toxicity, and, The Little Black Dress

Please visit her site to learn more about Veterinarians and Veterinary students and all the things they do to help the animals.

18 Comments to “Why Are There So Many Pets In Animal Shelters”

  1. Randy Nichols Says:

    I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Randy Nichols.

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    […] Thanks Ferox, and if you would like to post anything else just let me know. Why Are There So Many Animals In Pet Shelters

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  4. Missy Says:


    Thanxs for your visit earlier today on Groovy Veg, glad you found me. I love the concept of your blog, good job.

    I dont know how shelter workers do it, i really dont. It is absolutely heart-breaking what goes on in most shelters. The demand for care, space, and supplies far outweigh what is available. God bless all shelter workers, staff, and supporters.


    P.S. Will add you to my blogroll.

  5. Lindsay Says:

    I like your blog. Keep up the good work.

  6. Vote for this article at Says:

    Why Are There So Many Pets In Animal Shelters

    Every year, animal lovers working in shelters are left with no option but euthanasia after being unable to find them new homes. The question many of these devoted volunteers find themselves asking again and again is how do these animals, many of which …

  7. Chessmaster Says:

    Please remember that owning a pet is a lifelong commitment and should not be taken lightly.

    Nice post, this sentence is true!!!! People should be more responsible.

  8. Cozykittens Says:

    pet are like one of ur family members… u should care and take care of them..

  9. Peter Says:

    You do make some important points. I think a lot of people don’t take full responsibility for thier pets.

  10. Jeffrey New Says:

    Hi; I have 41 house cats. (all spayed and neutered, and healthy) I also donate to local humane society of Addison county Vermont. and A monthly donation to the humane society of United States. My only fear is that I will die before my kitties and that will be a problem for someone else to deal with, I don’t want that. after my kitties have lived a long happy and healthy life and go to kitty cat hevan then I will probely die from a broken heart.

  11. Doggie Mama Says:

    Along with your line of thought, the economy is also having an adverse effect on pet owners. Many pet owners are giving up their pets because they simply can not afford to care and feed them. There are now food banks in the U.S. that provide pet food for struggling owners. For more info on pet food banks in the U.S., please visit my site.

    In addition, I highly commend all shelter workers and volunteers. 2 of my 3 furry babies came from a shelter. I really wanted to volunteer there but am afraid I would be sneaking out puppies in my pockets…I love them so much!

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Cute kitten fan Says:

    I’m sorry but in my opinion, I’m sorry if this sounds crude, there are so many animals in shelters because people are lazy, careless and selfish. They don’t consider the how much work it is keeping a pet. Once they are bored they simply get rid of the poor thing. That’s just my opinion. Great article by the way. Sorry if I came off too irate.

  13. Pet Groomer Says:

    I wish people would be more responsible when getting a pet. It should never a spur of the moment decision. Especially with the cost of having and caring for a pet. I’m proud to say my very spoiled farm dog came from the human society!

  14. Good Dog Breeds Says:

    This is a very important article as it’s a true shame that so many animals are stuck in shelters or put down. There needs to be some serious education in this country about what’s really happening out there. A pet of any kind is not something to buy on impulse, as it is a LIFELONG commitment.

  15. Scottish fold kitten Says:

    I have seen multiple times pets just being the spur of the moment, but people never actually knew that it’s responsibility. I really is.

  16. bruce a. cox Says:

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  17. Bob Says:

    I hate seeing pets in shelters. If you buy a pet, be responsible and don’t just have it because you want it for the time being. It should be you want it for life!

  18. Dog Lover Says:

    i consider the pet like one of my family .. So take care

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